Vita McCabe, MD, MHSA graduated from University of Chicago Medical School in 1997 and trained in cardiothoracic surgery at the University of Minnesota. She has since lived in Ann Arbor since 2003. Through her own health problems; she retired her surgical career in 2015. In transitioning her career she a completed a Master’s Degree in Health Management and Policy from the University of Michigan and subsequently retrained in addiction medicine and psychiatry.

She has interest and expertise in impairment due to her family history of alcoholism and addiction and through her own experience with physical impairment. She formerly served as the Chair for LARA’s Health Provider Assistance Committee, which oversees policy, statistics and step 2 review for the Michigan Health Professionals Recovery Program for all the health professional boards. Dr. McCabe served as the first chief wellness officer for Trinity-Michigan.

One of her primary goal’s is to research and integrate Eagala programming in substance use treatment in Michigan and nationally to advance commercial payer reimbursement for this important therapeutic tool.