Randy Mandrell is co-founder and Director of Equine Services with Refuge Services of Lubbock, Texas. He is the first horse professional to offer Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy services on an outpatient basis in partnership with professional counselors in the state of Texas and has incorporated Eagala model work into his business for going on 22 years now. Randy has over 40 years of experience with horses, including 25 years as a professional horse trainer and farrier. Randy was recognized by Eagala as “Outstanding Horse Professional” in 2001 for his superior work with clients and collaboration with other therapists in his community. He is Advanced certified by Eagala and has been training for Eagala for over 18 years. He previously served as director of equine services for a residential treatment center for girls with Eating Disorders using Eagala model as one of the primary therapeutic intervention tools. Randy is very committed to helping others maximize the use of their horses in therapy settings.