Misty Baker has 16-years working with victims of violent crime.  Since June 1992, she has been speaking in the field of Drug/Alcohol Prevention and has worked with court mandated treatment, churches, high school, and women’s groups.  Misty has been Eagala certified as an Equine Specialist since 2007.  She has been providing Eagala Model services to clients since 2008 and is pursuing Eagala Advanced Certification.  Misty is the owner/operator of The Bridges Program in Kentucky since 2012.  She also has been the owner/operator of Gentle Hooves Riding Academy since 2015.

Misty has been awarded: City of Owensboro, KY Work with Victims Award; Robert M Strauss Award for Work with Drug/Alcohol Prevention; Volunteer of the year from RVBH, and the Kentucky State Award for Work with Victims