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Eagala Code of Ethics

Código de Ética 

The Eagala team is accountable to the standards set by Eagala's Code of Ethics, and those set by each team member's professions, namely mental health and horse welfare ethical codes.

Horse Welfare: Eagala has formally endorsed the American Horse Council's Welfare Code of Practice, and supports international welfare codes that have been established worldwide by individual countries and international equine associations. Eagala equine specialists are required to adhere to local and global horse welfare codes.

Ethics Protocol

Eagala Ethics Committee

Ethics Articles 

Dear Eagala Associates:

As Chair of the Ethics Committee, I look forward to working with all of you in maintaining high ethical standards in the work we do.  As professionals who have chosen to associate ourselves with the Eagala name through certification and membership, we are honored to play a part in upholding these standards to ensure the ongoing integrity and reputation of our certification and  industry.  

The committee is here as a resource to initiate discussion, address questions, and provide education on ethical practice in Eagala Model work.  You may also click on the Ethics Articles link (in list of links to the right) for additional articles of interest.  It is our hope and goal that you share our focus in this area and will ask yourself ethical focused questions in all the work you do.  

The committee is also here to address submitted concerns regarding the practices of Eagala members.  The committee has generated a protocol and procedures for handling ethical complaints.  A copy of this is found by clicking the link above.

I would encourage members to first address concerns they may have directly with each other to try and resolve them.  This is useful as many times an individual may have overlooked or not thought about the issue and in being made aware of it, it can be resolved directly.   

If this process does not work, then a formal complaint can be made in writing with contact information provided, signed and mailed to the Chair of the Ethics Committee, c/o Eagala (see address below).  

The Ethics Committee may also be contacted with e-mail at  However, formal complaints cannot be received via e-mail unless they originate outside the United States or Canada.  E-mail may be used as a way to help an individual clarify a concern and if a formal complaint should be filed, or for general ethical questions. Please note that members may not always get an individual response with e-mail.  Instead, trends will be looked for and issues that come up repeatedly will be addressed in the Eagala magazine in an article by one of the members of the committee, or in some other educational format.     

I look forward to assisting the organization and its members in maintaining high standards of ethical practice.

Dora Lupo
Chair, Eagala Ethics Committee
c/o Eagala
PO Box 993
Santaquin, UT 84655