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World's Strictest Parents and conference video available for viewing

November 23rd 2012

You can now view some videos on EAGALA's Vimeo page:

1. World's Strictest Parents Australia - reality tv episode where two out
of control Australian teens are sent to the farm of EAGALA Advanced
Certified Mark Lytle and family in North Carolina. The show is engaging to
watch, and amazing what the Lytle family dealt with through the whole
experience! And amazing to see snippets of the powerful EAGALA work Mark
and Brenda Hunter, EAGALA Advanced Certified, did with the two. It shows
just small parts, but they had actually done 4 individual sessions and one
group session with them over the course of the experience, and which
according had phenomenal impact on them.

2. Video from the 2012 EAGALA Annual Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada of the
Introduction to EAGALA Model workshop, presented by Brenda Hunter and Mark
Lytle, including some clips from the reality tv show above and about that

We hope you enjoy watching!

Also, the EAGALA 13th Annual Conference DVD showing all the horse arena workshops is now available
in the EAGALA store - it shows all 7 hour-long workshops presented at our
2012 annual conference in Las Vegas, Nevada: