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New books available in the Store

March 31st 2012

Some new resources are available in the EAGALA Store:

Bully Prevention / Intervention EAL Program by Patricia Schlough - comprehensive 118-page manual providing everything you need to set up an EAGALA Model bully prevention program in association with the schools.  Includes paperwork and session structures for EAL program for the students, an EAL program training teachers in bully prevention, and a classroom-oriented bully prevention program.  It also includes the grant applying for the program to apply for teacher continuing ed credits which may be used as a template to replicate in your area.

Power Tools for Living by Robert & Nancy Magnelli - provides a 5-week EAGALA Model EAL group program for children, adolescents and adults.  This researched program has been used with hundreds of children from schools and Boys & Girls Club, along with parents and teachers with incredible results and feedback.  It provides a great replicable program for those wishing to conduct research. Also includes needed forms, supporting tools, and documents.

Sierra Cloud Series - Children's books and companion writing & drawing journals and EAP Activity Guides by Susan Byrne.  These are great resources for anyone who works with children and youth who are dealing with sexual abuse or grief & loss. We highly recommend!  The children's books also include a page at the end educating parents, teachers and professionals about equine assisted psychotherapy and EAGALA, and how to find EAGALA model programs in their area for children addressing trauma and loss - they make a great gift and marketing tool for your programs. On sale - purchase 2 or more of these resources by Susan Byrne and get $5 off each! The series includes: