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Equine therapy on Dr. Phil, Friday Sept. 24

September 24th 2010

Thanks to the work and initiative of EAGALA Certified member Dr. Laura Trask, and in collaboration with In Balance (Dr. Val Coleman and Amy Pulitzer), also EAGALA Certified, equine therapy was featured on the Dr. Phil show on Friday, Sept. 24.

13 year-old Jakob was a witness of the gruesome accident at the Mojave Desert Truck Race where a truck barrelled into the audience, killing 8 people and injuring 40+ others.  Along with the traumatic scene, he saw his father hurt and thought he was dead. Dr. Phil sent Jakob to In Balance in California to receive a 2-hour EAGALA session.

Jakob's mom and dad stated this one equine session had a major impact on Jakob who had been waking in the nights and vomiting, constantly crying, and not talking about the experience.  During the EAGALA session he opened up and has been able to sleep at nights much better.  Jakob also stated it was really helpful.

Watch a video of the clip on the Dr. Phil website.