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Horse Sense Skill Cards

The 50 cards in the Horse Sense Skill Cards are designed to assist in the process of learning and development that occurs through equine-assisted psychotherapy and learning sessions. Originally designed for working with at-risk and adjudicated youth, we've expanded the scope, and these cards are now suitable for a variety of populations including couples, families, groups and more!

Horse Sense Skill Cards:


Helping Wounded Warriors Manage Anger and other Intense Emotions

Written By Joseph Lancia, D.O., EAGALA Advanced.


Horses as Healers: The Challenge

Integrating Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Residential Treatment by Shannette Keeler, LCSW, EAGALA Advanced Certified and Danna Russell, CSW, EAGALA Certified.


Champions by Randy Mandrell & Patti Mandrell, M.Ed., LPC

EAP Group Curriculum for At-Risk Adolescents.


EAGALA Business Development Guide

For every person starting an EAGALA Model business, or wishing to take their current business to the next level.  This step by step interactive guidebook provides over 100 pages of information and interactive tools which takes you through: 


Anger Management by Stephanie Dvorak & Mark Lytle

This is a 10 week psychoeducational course for skill development and understanding of anger problems. This book is to provide a guide for addressing anger management problems within the EAGALA model. It can be used to guide individual and or group therapy.


Sexually Abusive Youth: A guide to working with youth with sexual behavior problems

By Stephanie Dvorak, MA, LPC, NCC, EAGALA Certified, and Mark Lytle, EAGALA Advanced Certified. The purpose of this book is to provide a guide for working with youth (ages 13-17) with sexual behavior problems within the EAGALA model of equine assisted psychotherapy (EAP). It can be used to guide individual therapy or group therapy. It includes a comprehensive curriculum, activities, case study examples to see how activities can be applied, educational and therapeutic tools specific to this population to support the curriculum, sample treatment contract, and more.


Colts and Fillies: EAL with Children

By Susan Jung, M.Ed., Ed.S. and Dixie Cowles, M.Ed. This manual provides information and creative activities for conducting EAGALA Model EAP/EAL with young children, ages 4-11.


Sierra Family Services Equine Assisted Psychotherapy Activity Manual

 This manual contains 22 activity ideas for your EAGALA model EAP/EAL sessions.

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