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Online Continuing Education

Welcome to Eagala's new offering of online webinars. These provide Eagala continuing education credit for certification renewal.

Webinars are offered live as monthly learning experiences which are also recorded. If the date/time does not work, you can register once they are completed in the on-demand/recorded webinars listing to watch at your convenience.


The Eagala Model

July 9, 2018 Eagala Mentoría Grupa (en español)

Annie Ricalde y Fernando Cordero ofrecerán una sesión de mentoría grupal.

¡Escucha a tus colegas de Eagala participando en una sesión de tutoría! Aprender de los demás, y tener la oportunidad de hacer preguntas o participar en esta experiencia de mentoría grupal. Una excelente manera de mejorar nuestras habilidades en el modelo.

Tiempo: 1 hora
Costo: $ 15 USD
Requisitos previos: Certificación Eagala

Eagala Horas de educación continua: 1 ("Evacuación de webinar" debe completarse al final de cada seminario web para calificar las horas de educación continua)

Fecha: 9 de julio de 2018 a las 6:00 p.m. central

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Business Support

July 31, 2018: The power of the Eagala network: How a pilot program expanded into a Global contract- information coming soon


On Demand Webinars (Click options below to view previously recorded webinars)


Eagala Model On Demand Webinars

Eagala Skillsets Group Mentoring Webinars

Listen in to your fellow Eagala colleagues engaging in a mentoring session! Learn from their learning, and have an opportunity to ask questions or participate as the mentee in one of these bi-monthly group mentoring experiences. A great way to improve our skillsets in the model, and get a taste of the Eagala mentoring program.

Each group skillsets webinar listed below is approx. 1 hour. 
Cost: $15USD per webinar
Pre-requisites: Eagala Certified 
Eagala CEU hours: 1 hour for each group mentoring skillsets webinar

2-21-18: This mentoring session touches on Eagala skillsets: using client words, structuring sessions, themes and metaphors. Click here to register

4-6-18: The mentoring in this webinar focused on group work, the thought process of session progression - flow, themes and metaphors, and deliberateness about words. Click here to register

6-19-18: The mentoring in this webinar focused on preawareness/'S, structuring sessions and session progression, and externalizing. Click here to register


Eagala Research and Program Evaluation On Demand Webinar

Measuring your Eagala Program Outcomes: Assessment, Evaluation, and Research

As Eagala practitioners, it is a professional standard to measure the work we do - using evidence to inform the process and client progress. It also benefits our programs to have data to share for marketing, funders and referral sources. This webinar will provide introductory information on how to get started measuring outcomes. This program will help you:

  • Distinguish between assessment, program evaluation, and research
  • Decide what to measure in your Eagala sessions
  • Select a sound instrument to measure the outcome
  • Understand how this relates to client care and monitoring treatment progress

The webinar is presented by Angela Fournier, PhD, LP, Eagala Certified and a professor in the department of psychology at Bemidji State University in Minnesota. As director of Human-Animal Interaction Laboratories, she conducts basic and applied studies into the psychological outcomes of human-animal interaction. Dr. Fournier serves on the Eagala Research Committee, providing support to members regarding student research and assessment.

Cost: $15
Time: 1 hour

Eagala CEU hours: 1 

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Eagala Business On Demand Webinars

Effective Social Media Marketing and the Horses Help APP

Why use social media to market your programs? This webinar will talk through the purpose and potential of using social media to grow your program, and grow a worldwide vision. Learn the "how-to's" to maximize your exposure, and how the Eagala Horses Help APP is a tool to support your success in reaching potential clients and attracting funding.

Cost: Free
Time: 1 hour
Eagala CEU hours: 1

Click here to register 


"Designing Effective Workflows" with Fletcher Dennison, COO

As COO of SimplePractice, Fletcher has worked to drive efficiency and simplicity within SimplePractice's platform. He's a strong advocate for effective process and encourages clinicians to leverage these measures to reduce distractions and bring more focus to meaningful work. With his extensive experience working with thousands of clinicians in private practice, Fletcher has the insight on what works for successful businesses and where things may go wrong. Join Fletcher Dennison to learn how to leverage technology workflows to run and grow a successful private practice. This webinar includes a SimplePractice platform demonstration. (Note: Eagala members get a discount when signing up for SimplePractice).

Cost: Free
Time: 1 hour
Eagala CEU hours: 1

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Set Your Stage For Success! Generating Revenue Through Action & Application

You love the Eagala Model. You know what it can do for your clients. But, let’s face it, running a business or organization that serves others AND incorporates horses is sometimes daunting. Your list of daily “to do’s” can fill up all the hours in a day – and then some!

You might be wondering, is there a way to actually do this work AND be fulfilled, confident and NOT in a constant state of overwhelm?


It begins by setting the stage for success, by taking the RIGHT actions and applying your acquired skills and knowledge with the goal of SUCCEEDING.

Join this webinar to:

  1. Get a done-for-you template to get out of "overwhelm" and STAY out
  2. Stay out of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), which can often feed overwhelm
  3. Learn a simple strategy to prioritize your days and get MUCH accomplished
  4. Clear out all that mental clutter and reframe your thinking for success
  5. Take what you've learned, form strategy to move forward and get into ACTION

Hosted by Lora Newman, M.S., LPC, Mastery Certified Coach, Eagala Certified

Cost: $15
Time: 1 hour
Eagala CEU hours: 1

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