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PEACE Ranch -- Traverse City, Michigan

Contact: Jacquelyn Kaschel


EAP and EAL Programs are designed for individuals, groups, families, schools, residential programs, government/community agencies, military, corporations and teams. PEACE Ranch is founded on the belief that their is great capacity for healing in the parallel process of rescue, rehabilitation and restoration for horses and humans.

Specialized in helping those challenged with PTSD and other trauma related issues including Combat PTSD, addiction, behavior disorders, anxiety, depression, Autism/Aspergers, and other mental health and developmental challenges. Local therapists may refer clients or may work directly with their clients here at the ranch.

EAL Programs are designed for personal growth and group process. Objectives are determined by the group or referring organization.

PEACE Ranch partners with Sundance Center for Corporate Training and Development

EAGALA Advanced Certified


Traverse City, MI 49685
United States
44° 42' 7.4412" N, 85° 42' 35.3592" W