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PEACE Ranch -- Traverse City, Michigan

Contact: Jacquelyn Kaschel
PEACE Ranch is a 501c3 Experiential Therapy Center which offers a unique integrated approach highlighting Eagala Model Equine Assisted Psychotherapy along with Art and Music therapy. This innovating approach combines rhythmic expressive, interactive and relational models providing the cutting edge in trauma treatment for children and adults.
The ranch campus spans 17 acres in beautiful Hoosier valley in Northern Michigan.  The setting is purposely out of the way, orderly but not overdone, open and peaceful. The ranch offers many options for therapy sessions from multi acre pasture to the roudpen.
The therapeutic herd is made up of rescued horses, most of which came having been traumatized needing time to heal. With patience and relationship based training they become wonderful partners in Eagala teams.
EAGALA Military Services Provider, Veterans with PTSD, MST and other military trauma related issues. Children and adults with trauma issues. Addiction, Autism,Anxiety, Depression, Domestic Violence, Developmentally Disabled, Adjudicated Youth, First Responders.
Eagala Advanced Certified:  Jacquelyn Kaschel
Eagala Certified: Lisa Lederer, Marijane Boomer, Melissa Edingfield



2570 Hoosier Valley Rd.
Traverse City, MI 49685
United States
44° 38' 34.0692" N, 85° 36' 18.4176" W