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Diamond Ranch Academy - Hurricane, Utah

Contact: Dan Borchardt 435-635-4297


 Typical Diagnosis that are appropriate at Diamond Ranch Academy include:
Clinical Depression, Anxiety, Bi-Polar Disorder, ADHD, PTSD, ODD, Mood Disorders, Personality Disorders, mild cases of (Asperger, Reactive Attachment Disorder, PDD, and Autism), Eating Disorders, Sexual Abuse, Adoption Issues, Family Conflict, and Alcohol and Drug Abuse.

Below is a program overview of key elements that aid in this process.
•    Strong therapeutic environment with on-site licensed professionals
interacting daily in both formal and informal settings
•    Four separate campuses divided by age and gender
•    Accredited academic program with licensed and certified teacher
in small traditional classroom settings
•    Special education component to aid in academic placements, administer
cognitive assessments and manage existing IEP's (Individual Education Plans)
•    Parent support including regular parent seminars/workshops
•    Parent visits including on-going family therapy
•    Individual online student photo album updated weekly

On campus milieu:
•    Psycho-educational groups (Life Skills/Voc. Ed.)
•    Sophisticated token economy (peer-participant judicial system)
•    On and off campus competitive sports (football, wrestling, basketball,
track and field, baseball, softball, tap dance, drill, cheerleading, soccer)
•    Clubs/activities (chess, fishing, weight lifting, academics, Spanish,
speech and debate, drama, music)
•    Small animal care (affiliated with 4-H)
•    Equine Therapy
•    Student mentoring

Physical facility:
•    Ponds stocked with fish
•    Fruit orchards
•    Gardens
•    Approximately 15 acres of athletic fields and courts
•    Game rooms
•    Full fitness center

Average length of stay if Residential program: 10 Months

EAGALA Certified Professional: Gary Ferguson


Hurricane, UT 84737
United States
37° 10' 30.9396" N, 113° 17' 23.8128" W