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Hestenge - Vissenbjerg

Contact:  Karina Bjerremann

+45 659 681 118

Mobile: +45 4036 6 217

 From EAP and EAL - supporting the whole human. We proviede support from mental weak to wish of organiasation and company teamdevelopment. Connected to Succes Akademi within team work.

5 consultants of NHE therapist and Coach, Gestalt, Familytherapy, Psykiatry doctor, ergotheapist.

We support any symptom of mental mind due to our broud experience of knowledge.

Hestenge only work with consultants were whole team is certified.

Concepts from (soldiers) (research program with region of Denmark)

 Hestenge is part of research to EAGALA model within psykiatry in Denmark.

 United with the Danish group of EAGALA

EAGALA Certified


Vissenbjerg 5492
55° 21' 3.6432" N, 10° 6' 26.7192" E