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WalkAbout Hooves, LLC - Myrtle Creek, Oregon

Contact: Nicky Ripley


Our team provides Equine Assisted programs with communication, connection and relationship at the foundation to meet the needs of Children, Youth and Adults. You are welcome to participate as Individuals or Groups (including school, family, community boards, work colleagues, relationships etc.).

We cover many aspects of life including Horse Powered Reading & Writing (literacy) and Math education; healing and reclaiming self through life's events, and group dynamics (such as being at-risk of school failure, literacy and math extension, work preparedness, being a parent, developing life skills, discovering self-esteem, activating personal growth, life continues after trauma and separation etc.).

Nicky is an experienced teacher, enjoying several years of specializing in literacy development and successfully working with students deemed "at risk" of failure in the education system and beyond. I have studied and spent time with many horses through different methods of horsemanship and come to understand their true potential for this work.

EAGALA Certified


Myrtle Creek, OR 97457
United States
43° 1' 23.9376" N, 123° 16' 52.6728" W