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Chrysalis Psychotherapy - Preston, Lancashire

Contact: Vicky Howden-Green

07821480182 or

Vicky is an experienced psychotherapist who has extensive experience in working with children who have been involved in the care system who are displaying attachment difficulties or behavioural, emotional and social difficulties. Vicky is accustomed to working with adults either individually, in couples or in groups. Vicky works with families, sibling groups, carers, parents and can create bespoke programmes suited to individual needs and requirements. Vicky has experience in working with children and adults from different cultural backgrounds. EAP can be utilise to help with a range of issues inclusive of PTSD, ADHD, Autism, Oppositional behaviours, Bereavement, Relationship issues, Loss, Divorce and Separation. Please contact Vicky for an informal chat to discuss your needs further.

Vicky is involved in the EAGALA mentoring Programme. A process in which an EAGALA mentor provides individual support and feedback for professional development and good practice to the mentee. It is maintaing the integrity of the certification process in which Advanced Certification accomplishment represents a level of professionalism, skills and knowledge where the practitioner serves as a leader and role model to others doing the work.

EAGALA Certified


United States