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BX Equine - Payson, Utah

Contact: Carissa McNamara


We specialize in marriage and family therapy, substance abuse, anger management, behavior disorders, mood disorders, depression, bereavement, and other mental health issues. Services for individuals, couples, families and groups, youth, as well as facilitating equine assisted learning in the form of corporate team building.

WE PROMOTE LIFE CHANGE! BX Equine provides experiential therapy activities using horses to help clients build confidence, develop trust, improve social and communications skills, develop self-awareness and boundaries, and learn personal leadership and limits.

Our office is located in the pasture, with bookshelves made of air, the water cooler where everyone congregates bears a strong resemblance to a trough, there are no ceilings with fluorescent lights, the office clock peeks over the mountain as a friendly reminder that the day is starting, it doesn’t require batteries, or electricity.....and is the only clock I know that doesn’t loudly dictate your life, but serves as a gently reminder that life is good. When you arrive you will be greeted by a pasture full of four legged professionals that hold degrees in survival, awareness, and authenticity from the University of Life. Give your resolutions credence, and yourself a gift, and join us!

EAGALA Certified


Payson, UT
United States