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San Diego Therapy Center: Equines and You - San Diego, California

Contact: Dr. Anna R. Ryan, PhD., LMFT


San Diego Therapy Center's Equine Assisted Psychotherapy Program works with all ages, including occupants in nursing homes. We have a very unique equine programs for expecting mothers, families, cancer survivors, individuals who have terminial illnesses, addictions, depression, PTSD, parents who have lost a baby or an older child, grief and loss, pet loss, enhancing communication skills, launching teens into college, learning to drive, retired and miserable, anxiety, cutters, all personality disorders, austism, aspergers, body image, learned helplessness and the remaining DSM-5 list within the scope of California licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. We do have a new program for schizophrenics based on Pendersen's new research with regard to the hippocampus deflation and we work in conjunction with a treating psychiatrist.

We have programs to meet the corporate needs and offer free demos to individuals, companies and corporations. We hosted and particiapted in the May 23, 2012 EAGALA demo for the United States Military Chaplains who attended a COSC convention in San Diego and continue to offer programs to the military men and women. Our newest program is an overnight program called The Retreat and the theme is entirely dependent on the needs of those participating in The Retreat. Finally, we offer special, cutting edge programs to wellness centers.

We welcome your questions should you have any. Please feel free to contact Dr. Anna R. Ryan PhD. LMFT at 619.276.0747
We have access to a herd of over 80 horses, locally. Our EAGALA team comes to you if you cannot come to us. In these cases, horses are provided in the location of where you are and may be supplied by you. There is now a two week time frame notification necessary should you desire our services not in Southern California.

EAGALA Certified


San Diego, CA 92110
United States
32° 45' 56.6352" N, 117° 11' 59.9856" W