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Specialized Designations

EAGALA has specialized designations for EAGALA Certified professionals to provide a structure for training, quality assurance and to serve as a referral list working with specific populations. Designations include EAGALA Military Services, with EAGALA Corporate Services coming soon.

EAGALA Military Services

Applying for the distinction of EAGALA Military Services provider establishes a willingness to provide culturally relevant services to those who have served in the military. The EAGALA Code of Ethics indicates you do not practice out of your area of training and expertise. As a professional, it is important to understand and honor the unique military culture and what that means for psychological health interventions, and be committed to holding the highest standards in training and practice. Our military men and women deserve nothing less. The EAGALA Military Services designation provides a structure and standards for ensuring scope of practice in working with the military.

Why a specialized designation for the military?

  • The military population is unique in that authority for programming comes from centralized agencies (government and private) which look to provide services through recognized, credible organizations and provide replicable programming throughout the world.
  • Having a specialized distinction heightens the credibility of the quality of services which will be offered along with creating an organized system to more easily offer replicable programming.
  • This provides further advantage in successfully promoting EAGALA Model services with the military.
  • This also helps EAGALA in confidently referring to EAGALA Certified professionals who have the ethical and professional experience to provide services to the military community.

EAGALA Military Services providers receive the following benefits:

  • Use of the designation “EAGALA Military Services Provider” in marketing materials
  • Listing in the EAGALA Military Services referrals list on the EAGALA website and which will be provided to government and private agencies when looking for programs specific to working with military service members and families
  • Potential media referrals in Public Relations efforts – both proactive and responding to media contacting EAGALA
  • Exposure through EAGALA’s marketing efforts of EAGALA Military Services
  • Special certificate for your wall

How to get the designation: 


  1. You can link to the EAGALA Military Services Brochure on your website. You can also purchase copies in the EAGALA store, or contact us if you're doing a military conference or event which helps promote EAGALA Military Services in a broader way and EAGALA will supply brochures for the event. 
  2. EAGALA Military Services Vertical Banner - contact us if you are doing an event and we can send you one, or if you wish to purchase one for your facility. 
  3. EAGALA Military Services video - embed on your website and send the link to key decision makers and legislators in your area.  For messaging to go with your email or letter with the video link - click here.
  4. Remember to check out - the primary landing page to market EAGALA Military Services.
  5. The following audio presentations provide information in introducing this work with the military:

2012 May 23rd - Presentation at the Navy and Marine Corps Combat & Operational Stress Control Conference - Equine Assisted Psychotherapy: A Growing Treatment Modality by Lynn Thomas and StarrLee Heady - 47 minutes audio with powerpoint (Note: if it has trouble bringing up, click the Login link on the left and follow the instructions for username and password, then scroll to the presentation and press the audio icon on the right)

2012 13th Conference - Working with Military Populations by StarrLee Heady (play 80-minute audio below), plus workshop powerpoint (or click here for direct powerpoint download)