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Find an EAGALA Model program in your area using the map below or the Search options. All listings have at least one or more members of the facilitating team EAGALA Certified or EAGALA Advanced Certified (indicating additional training and requirements).

You can also locate Distinguished Program Members who complete an annual application process reviewed by EAGALA demonstrating adherence to exceptional standards of business and practice in EAGALA Model Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Equine Assisted Learning.

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Kontakt: Carina Prantl +43 (0) 699-11337391 Wir bieten Seminare mit Pferden, pferdeunterstützte Beratung, Begleitung von Erwachsenen, Familien und Jugendlichen, Coaching für Führungskräfte und Firmenseminare. Begleitungsschwerpunkte: Persönliche Weiterentwicklung, Lebensreflexion, Neuorientierung, Beziehung, Konflikte, Partnerschaft, Familie, Verhaltensauffällige Jugendliche, Zusammenarbeit, Führung. Seminarthemen: Kommunikation, Mitarbeiter führen,...
Contact: Christine Karrer +43 (0) 660 22 22 0 25 Youth, families, individuals and groups.  Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, Equine Assisted Learning, systemic family therapy.  Areas of focus include depression, anxiety, relationship enhancement, assertiveness training, adolescent development, parenting, personal growth and development groups.  EAGALA Certified


Contact: Kelly Gannon 0437205080 Working with corporate, groups, youth, schools, mental health, relationships, goal setting. We are happy to work with a range of issues and groups and will tailor sessions to address the issues. We have 3 equine accredited facilitators and employ mental health practitioners to co-facilitate. Kelly Gannon, Vin Gannon, Ellen GannonEAGALA Certified
Contact:  Helen Gorfine 0448 762 184 Equine Assisted Learning & Therapy Programs including: Team building, leadership training, professional development, lifeskills workshops, group programs and private therapy sessions. Corporate groups & organizations, agencies, schools, clubs & service groups. Adults, children, youth, families, couples. Victoria,  Australia. EAGALA Certified
Contact: Helen Sorensen 0408067664 Families, Adults, Individuals, School Groups, Children in care, Youth at Risk, ADD, ASD, PTSD, Eating Disorders, Addictions, Behavioural concerns. Organisational teambuilding, and spiritual programmes available Facilities include an indoor arena, round yard and fenced paddocks.  There is a kitchen, toilets and a large undercover meeting area all with disability access. EAGALA Advanced...
Contact: Helen Shaw 0400 224 174 Youth at Risk; School groups; Family and marriage support; Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation; Corporate groups, Community Youth groups, Women. Equine Insight Inc. has been registered by the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission and is endorsed as a Deductible Gift Recipient by the Australian Taxation Office. EAGALA Certified
Contact: Michelle Jennings 0418658741 Equine Reflections works with individuals, children, adolescents and families across a range of issues including; working with families from complex backgrounds, PTSD, depression, anxiety, stress, grief and loss, school refusal, self-esteem and eating disorders. Group programs are also conducted with a focus on school groups, trauma and adolescents experiencing social anxiety, depression and self-...
Contact: Lynette Toms +614 0728 1273  Serving Adults, adolescents, families, children, military Defence Service veterans, young offenders. Our programs are tailored to individual, family and group needs treating grief, PTSD, anger management, depression, anxiety, personality disorders. EAGALA Certified
Contact: Karen Fernie 0428 710 018 Adolescents & Adults, specialising in interpersonal trauma. EAGALA Certified
Contact: Cindy Jacobs 03 5261 5526 or 0411 593 369 Programs and workshops for leaders, teams and individuals focusing on professional and personal development. EAGALA Certified
Contact: Meggin Kirby 0425-371-729  Working with Individuals, Couples, Children & Families, Special needs Groups, Organisations with focus on Personal Growth, Leadership, Team building, Mental Health and a range of clinical needs.  Our focus is founded on Gestalt Therapy theory and practice which is a holistic, humanistic, and relational therapy that supports Self Awareness, Lively Contact and Authentic being, and,...
Contact: Maggie Broom 03 9710 1374 Young people and adults with autistic behaviours. Young people and adults with emotional and social difficulties, anxiety, depression. School groups and Corporate groups. EAGALA Certified
Contact: Jodie Alderton 0418147399 Serving the Gold Coast and Brisbane, Northern NSW regions. 20% of program payments supprt the rescue horse charity Healing Hooves Inc. EAGALA Certified
Contact: Sue Weatherhil 041 111 19594 We offer a range of programs to assist individuals and groups exposed to Life's Challenges.  Programs to suit your needs. Our locations and offering are designed around your specific needs in and around Victoria. Week or weekend programs are provided (2-5 days). EAGALA Certified
Contact: Holly Ohlson 0413 337 007 We provide EAP and EAL individual and group sessions for youth and adults. Some of the areas we work in are; trauma, depression, anxiety, PTSD, grief and eating disorders.We also work with school groups, providing EAL, life skills programs. EAGALA Certified
Contact: Victoria Marshall +61 417 739 858 Anxiety, depression, grief, loss, PTSD, abuse, men, women, families, couples, parenting, relationships, youth, children, Asperges, school groups, Corporate groups, organisatonal training and development, organisational change, personal growth, empowerment, self awareness, communication. EAGALA Certified
Contact: Nathalie Phillips 0429623707 School aged children. Specialized in Abuse Counselling and School Groups/Individual bully Prevention/Intervention. Horses In Lives welcome any individual or group and will tailor program to suit their specific needs. EAGALA Certified
Contact: Rebecca Jahn 0427 541 292 Riverina EAP works with children, adolescents and adults, to address personal development goals including improved communication, self esteem, confidence, relationship skills and improved emotional regulation such as anger management. We also address mental health issues, such as depression, anxiety, substance abuse, PTSD, grief and trauma. Riverina EAP works with individuals, couples, families and groups....
Contact: Andie West 0422337947 Shine provides both traditional, office based counselling as well as Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) & Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) to clients of all ages and backgrounds, with varying degrees of issues or difficulties. Shine provides experiential, team based, solution focussed brief therapy using horses as part of the team and process of counselling. The mental health professionals who are engaged...
Contact: Fiona Currans 0429 814 566 Children, Adolescents, Young People, Adults, Families EAL - corporate groups, school groups, individuals Provision of psychology services/equine assisted psychotherapy for depression, anxiety, grief and loss, anger, bullying, social and behavioural disorders, ADHD/ADD, autism, aspergers disorder, eating disorders, PTSD, social skills training, communication skills training, team work, assertiveness training, decision making and...
Contact: Helena Botros and Annette Cameron 07 41534299 Serving children 8 - 12 years (groups and individual), adolescents 13 - 17 years (groups and individuals), adults, families, all survivors of sexual/physical abuse, many of whom suffer from PTSD, complex PTSD, anxiety, depression, exhibit self harming behaviours, substance abuse, eating disorders etc Trails of Discovery at Phoenix House currently conduct empirical research into effectiveness of...
Contact: Cheryl Cruttenden 0419004222 Womens groups, School groups, Individuals & Organisations for Mindful Leadership & Personal Development. EAGALA Certified
Contact: Jennifer Black 0401 928 970 Women, youth, mental health, anxiety, trauma, panic, depression, wellbeing, corporate team building, groups, couples, families. In our practice, we combine EAP/L with Acceptance & Commitment Therapy and Art Therapy to help participants learn to manage uncomfortable thoughts and feelings so they have less impact and influence, identify values and change behaviours. Sessions focus on awareness of actions and...


Contact: Lieve Lammertyn 0478  607033 Private practice for children, adolescents,adults, families and organisations. Sessions for individuals and groups for personal growth. EAGALA Certified
Contact: Annick Bleyen, Naar bedrijven voor persoonlijke ontwikkelingsprogramma's, competentie development, assessments. Privé klanten voor persoonlijke ontwikkeling. Sociale sector, scholen, jaar programma als ondersteuning bij moeilijkere klassen, competentie ontwikkeling. Tailor made programma's voor 3 verschillende doelgroepen: Bedrijven; Privé; Sociale sector. EAGALA Certified
Contact: Marcia Vermeulen 0032499330499 Children and Adults. EAGALA Certified
Contact: Marianne Depestel 0032 474 841 638 1) At-risk young people who are staying in residential or outpatient programmes; age 12 - 18 2)Young People with emotional & behaviour problems ; age 12 - 18 3)Individuals for personal growth and finding your own power, your own medicine Groups :1) Social Skill Trainings for groups 2) People who are participating in drug-programs (youngsters & adults) 3) Teams :Communication, Leadership, empowerment EAGALA...
Contact:  Kristel Verhaegen +32 497 42 75 31 Children, adolescents, adults, families.  Social and emotional problems, behavior disorders, family-interactions, autism, NLD, attachment disorders, trauma.  EAGALA Certified
Contact: Kristof Declercq or Kristel Verhaegen +32485413601 or Ambulante groepstherapie met assistentie van paarden voor kinderen en jongeren uit de bijzondere jeugdzorg, in nazorg van psychiatrische opname en kansarme jongeren... Gericht op het ontwikkelen/versterken van sociale en relationele vaardigheden, competentie, (zelf)vertrouwen, groei... De sessies worden begeleid door Kristof Declercq, paardenspecialist en Kristel Verhaegen,...
Contact:  Kaat Everaerts +32 3 219 42 21 Mobile: +32 497 12 85 50 Private practice for children, adolescents, adults and families. Individuals and groups, teambuilding. Workshops and lectures on demand. EAGALA Certified
Contact:  Annemieken Van Reepingen +32(0)496108330 Individuals, adults, and families.  Therapy and life coaching, business coaching, teambuilding and leadership training.  From the strong belief in the way of the horse and the faith in the power and possibilities of people, my horses and I stand by our clients to guide them and support them on their way towards happines, success and balance.  EAGALA Certified
Contact: Ingrid Hens and Luc Van Hoecke +32(0)3 646 99 08 Mobile +32 (0)477 77 97 55 Individuals, groups, teams and organisations.  Experiential learning, coaching reflecting and development for individuals and companies.  Your way to insight, harmony and equilib(e)ration.  EAGALA Certified
Contact: Ellen Govaerts 003215630107 Adults, individual therapy or groups: emotional problems and personal development. Medical professionals and students, individuals or groups: experiental learning about communication in a professional medical context and teambuilding. EAGALA Certified


Contact: Caroline LeBlanc or Mary McNiven 902-393-3829 or 902-628-5724 or We work with adult population and deal with a wide range of issues, mostly related to trauma and PTSD. We specialize in working with first responders. Many other areas are addressed with our program including depression, anxiety, couple therapy and life transitions. EAGALA Certified
Contact: Randy Hamelin, MA, RPC 519-564-0268 Our qualified staff work with individuals; 8 years and older, groups, families and Military personnel. Our specialties include anxiety disorders, mood disorders, personality disorders, PTSD, relationships and daily life stresses. Our staff includes: Registered Professional Counselor,Social Worker, Registered Nurse, Masters Health Social work candidate. All qualified as mental health and equine...
Contact: Brian Wicke 226-779-1700 Echo Stables works with children, youth and adults; Ages 8 and up. Individual and Family Therapy is available. Addressing a variety of emotional, behavioural and relationship issues including: depression, anxiety, PTSD, childhood trauma, self-esteem, ADHD, parent-child conflict, and attachment.Echo Stables Counselling Services is a private counselling agency located in Stratford, Ontario. We offer innovative and...
Contact: Rhonda Fiander or Sharon Barnes 709-744-2404 Working with families, individuals, youth and corporate organizations, with a focus in addictions, behavioural issues, PTSD. EAGALA Certified
Contact: Chantal Soucy 514-803-7293 Special needs children, youth and adults. EAGALA Certified
Contact: Angie Jensen or Terry Wilton 780-662-3275 All ages, individuals, couples, families, or groups. Staff and personal development seminars also offered. Terry has operated a private practice in Camrose, AB for over 20 years. Angie and Terry have been working together and utilizing horses and mules since 2002. EAGALA Advanced Certified
Contact: Lisa Young 613-885-9256 Organizations/businesses, individuals with disabilities, at-risk youth, military members and their families, seniors, individuals suffering from grief and loss, illness, stress, job burnout, etc. EAGALA Certified
Contact: Veronique Michaud-Rettman 403-597-6268 Working with high risk teenagers/adults. EAGALA Certified
Contact: Megan Ekblad 705-761-7008 At-risk youth, women, indigenous people, school groups, first nation reserves, bullying. A non-profit corporation dedicated to improving the emotional, physical and spiritual well-being of at-risk youth, women and indigenous peoples. EAGALA Certified
Contact: Marion Bos 867-336-2453 EAGALA Certified
Contact: Lori Thompson 403-988-0774 Youth, School Groups,  Leadership Programs. Womens Programs - Growth & Development.  A specialization in Grief and Loss Programs EAGALA Certified  
Contact: Kevin Ward 1-855-610-8804 Outpatient and Residential for 4 days Addictions, Trauma (PTSD), Veterns/military, Children & Adults. EAGALA Certified
Contact: Jocy Buckle 403-560-2652 Find us on FaceBook: LoveLaughLearnEquineAssistedLearningCentre Youth, Family Work Shops, Marriage and Parenting, Leadership and Relationship Building, Corporate Team Building, First Nations. We also offer 8 and 12 week programs to individuals with the intention to help our clients develope a new and enhanced set of life skills that will set them on the path to emotional freedom. EAGALA Certified
Contact: Jo-Anne Chevalier, Program Director Phone/fax: 705-335-2441 Charitable Registration Number: 87063 5687 RR0001 Clients include children and adults with anxiety, depression, attachment issues, parent-teen conflict, survivors and perpetrators of violence, abuse and neglect. Exercises exploring self awareness, trust, self care, boundaries, empowerment, relaxation, fear and anxiety. Group, family and corporate exercises exploring communication,...
Contact: Émilie Lecompte Chatel 514-386-4038  Adultes et adolescents. Hommes et femmes. Couple, famille, individuel, entreprise, chef d'équipe, gestionnaire, etc. Hyperactivité, difficulté de concentration, deuil, séparation, dépendances, troubles alimentaires, dépression, colère, situation de crise, stress post-traumatisme, anxiété, intimidation, isolement, manque de confiance en soi, etc. Adults and adolescents. Men and women...
Contact: Émilie Lecompte Chatel 514-386-4038   Adultes et adolescents. Hommes et femmes. Couple, famille, individuel, entreprise, chef d'équipe, gestionnaire, etc. Hyperactivité, difficulté de concentration, deuil, séparation, dépendances, troubles alimentaires, dépression, colère, situation de crise, stress post-traumatisme, anxiété, intimidation, isolement, manque de confiance en soi, etc. Adults and adolescents. Men and women....
Contact: Lisa Mander 604-719-1989 At Risk youth, adolescents, young adults. Anxiety, Trauma, Attachment, Addictions. EAGALA Certified
Contact: Lynda Van Kooten or Laurette Sundstrom 204-367-4695 Our focus will be with youth from 8-21 years of age, with both male & female clients. Our programing is in the early stages of developing and we will be working within the local school systems & are connected with the Knowles Treatment Foster Care Program in Winnipeg, MB. We are establishing connections within the local Aboriginal community in Sagkeeng First nations people, Child & Family Services, our...
Contact: Amanda Pratt 647-237-3485     School groups, youth, children, adults, families, PTSD, anxiety, trauma, anorexia, assault, autism. EAGALA Certified
Contact: Ryan Theriault 613-489-5294 Tranquil Acres is a centre for people with varying social, emotional and mental health needs who want to experience the transformative powers of horses as teachers and healers. Our dedicated staff have a wide range of expertise and are committed to helping each of our clients reach their fullest potential. We are open year round and located just outside of the Ottawa city centre. Issues such as (but not limited...
Contact: Shellee Shaw 403-892-8693 Primarily working with youth with behavioral challenges, but all clients will be considered. Autism is a key focus group. EAGALA Certified


Contact: Ines Elvira Mejía Motta +57+3112327432 Addictions, relapse prevention, chronic physical diseases, grief and mourning, preparation to death, horse assisted life-coaching. EAGALA Certified
TAAC ColombiaProgramas enfocados en la Capacitación Empresarial Asistida con CaballosPágina web: Contracto: Andrés VillaMail:, TEL FIJO: (571) 2572327          (571) 2561896MOVIL     (57)  3138887565Dirección: calle 92#15-48 oficina:509Sede campestre: GUATAVITA FINCA EL IMPULSO 


Contact: Claudia Swierczek +49 172 6290302 Sexual abuse, PTSD, veterans, couples, teams, groups. EAGALA Certified
Contact: Ilka Parent, LPC Contact: Ilka Parent 0171-417-3971 Our main population is - and has been since 2007 - the military, its service members and their families. PTSD, stress- and anger management, grief, transitional issues, marital problems, couples and family counseling are just a few of the areas we can address. We offer workshops, sessions for individuals and groups, and teambuilding events, and retreats.  EAGALA Advanced...


Contact: Iben Bøgeholm Folkmann +45 29422669 Working with individuals and groups. Facilitating quality mental health, growth and learning services for individuals and groups. Focus on personal development, relationship building and communicational skills - using EAL. EAGALA Certified  
 Contact: Anne Bitsch-Larsen +459-743-8467 Personal development, PTSD, depression, stress, anxiety and psychiatric illness. EAGALA Certified.  
Contact:  Karina Bjerremann +45 659 681 118 Mobile: +45 4036 6 217  From EAP and EAL - supporting the whole human. We proviede support from mental weak to wish of organiasation and company teamdevelopment. Connected to Succes Akademi within team work. 5 consultants of NHE therapist and Coach, Gestalt, Familytherapy, Psykiatry doctor, ergotheapist. We support any symptom of mental mind due to our broud experience of knowledge. Hestenge only work with...


Contact:  Talia Nightingale Soldevila +34 848 70 98 Mobile: +34 656 800 227 Organisations, companies, groups and individuals.  Life Coaching, Personal and Professional Development, Team Building, Corporate Training.  Liderazgo, Desarrollo Profesional y Personal.  Please go to website for full details of what we offer.  EAGALA Certified
Contact: Eva Terceño +34 626999683 Equine Powering Management, es una empresa creada para satisfacer las necesidades actuales de Coaching y Liderazgo con caballos. Partiendo de una base innovadora en España, con un equipo específicamente formado y con una fuerte creencia en que hay muchas cosas a mejorar en nuestro país en cuanto al coaching y educación asistida con caballos, hemos entrado en el mercado para ofrecer un nuevo ángulo de...
Contact: Raquel Resines Ortiz 679381124 NiñosAdolescentesAdultosEmpresas  EAGALA Certified


Contact: David Delapalme +33147556880 Addiction + Co-dependence. All ages and gender. EAGALA Certified


Contact: Dr. Niki Markogianni 00306932436095 Individual, families: EAP (depression, anxiety disorders, phobias, psychosomatic disorders, PTSD, substance dependence, relationship issues) Groups : Communication, leadership, problem solving, creative thinking -improving (EAL) School groups: EAL Therapeutic team: 8 horses, 1 psychiatrist, 1 dvm, 2 psychotherapists, 1 EAGALA certified assistant. EAGALA Certified


Contact: Gaby Ufer 00502-52018343 Pre-teenagers, teen-gers, adults, youth in risk, school groups, families, companies. Grief, PTSD, corporate training, family dynamics, substance abuse. Other services provided also. EAGALA Certified


Contact: Wesley Ryan  353 85767 3468 rape, crisis, grief, youth, work, schools, community, drugs, abused. EAGALA Certified
Contact: Frances O'Brien 00 3538 6171 3601 Working with children and adults with learning and behavioural issues. Providing treatment for Trauma, addiction, depression, problem solving, team building. EAGALA Certified
Contact: Philippe D'Helft 0876822093 Adults, Addiction, Addicts, Alcohol, Drugs, Grief, Family groups, Relationships. Equitouch is currently based at our family-run farm in Barntown, Co. Wexford. It boasts a 60m x 60m outdoor arena, 98 acres of grazing for our 30 horses, a loft conversion underway for a future small conference and waiting room, and a 22m x 45m indoor arena in order to continue sessions no matter what the weather! Our remote location, with the yard in the...
Contact: Grain Brady, M.A. 00353868883413 EAP & EAL with children, adolescents, individuals, families, school groups, additional needs group, corporate groups, organisation groups, team building, organisation leadership, communication skills. EAGALA Certified
Contact: Trevor McMahon 00442890313163 We work with young peopled aged 16 - 25 who; Are experiencing mental health difficulties (or have done in the past)Are currently or have a history of Misusing substancesAre engaged in anti-social behaviourAre care experienced or have social services involvementAre homeless or at risk of homelessnessWho self harm and/or are suicidalAre socially isolatedHave issues around confidence or self esteemThose who are marginalised and/...
Contact: Sarah Jane Carvil or Sean Devlin 07413713820 or 07725916788 EAGALA Certified
Contact: Sarah Jane Carvil or Sean Devlin 07413713820 or 07725916788 We work with all Mental Health Issues ranging from Depression, PTSD, Bipolar,Grief, Substance Misuse, Offending Behaviour, Domestic Violence, Eating DisorderS, Self Harm, Schziophrenia this list is not exhaustive.  We work with Probation, Social Services, CAMHS, Primary, Secondary Schools, and various voluntary and community organisations to provide an innovative and dynamic fresh...
Contact: Dorothy Straw 00353719637309 Adults and children of all ages with special needs, individuals and groups.   Team building, leadership and learning with various business organizations such as companies, corporations and development agencies. EAGALA Certified
Contact: Denis O'Connor or Shelly Berry 00353 (0)87 6174494 / 00353 (0)87 9801733 Youth-groups and individuals, People in recovery from addictions, Couples, Families. Rag Tree E.A.L. is the first dedicated Equine Assisted Learning centre in the area. It is located in a tranquil and peaceful setting in a river valley by the sea. Our vision is that the location, and the programmes taking place there, will work together to support the learning and well-being of all...
Contact: Clare Quinn O'Connell  0861947323 We provide Equine Assisted Psychotherapy for individuals who suffer trauma, depression, anxiety symptoms amoungst others. We also have a "Together with Horses" program for individuals and youth or school groups wishing to develop self-knowlege, team-building,communication and problem solving skills We also combine EAL with riding for children on the autistic...
Clare Quinn O'Connell 085 2086660 Outpatient and Residential. Population with whom organization works: teenagers, youth groups,children with aspergers. Children aged four and upwards a speciality, also couples and marriage counselling a speciality. Average length of stay if Residential program: Two nights,weekend stay.  Our facility is on a traditional old fashioned farm with cattle,geese,hens and ducks,dogs and cats as well as...


Contact: Orna Raiter or Orly Barak 972-52-8892236 We develop new inovative, tailor made programs for Corporate Organisational development: Leadership, Teams, Managment Skills, Sales & Service Skills Development. Our EAL programs are based on 25 years of designing and facilitating corporate programs. EAGALA Certified


Contact: Pablo Rafael Hidalgo Rubio +52-993 3538659 We work with companies, addictions, families and children/Trabajamos con empresas, adiciones, familias y niños/jóvenes/adolescentes. EAGALA Certified
Riendas para la Vida Programa: Psicoterapia Asistida con Equinos, Talleres de Desarrollo y Crecimiento Personal Mail: contacto@riendasparalavida Página web: Contacto: Mercedes Arámbula, cel. 331-4253737
Contact:  Ana Irene Ricalde de Jager Mexico City, Mexico 55 54 35 84 43 Radio: 72*631630*1 TAAC provides work with corporations - Services for street kids, sexual abuse, and child trafficking is provided through PAE - EAGALA Advanced Certified


Contact: Sascha Schalkwijk 0031 (0) 6 54 717 551 EAGALA Certified
Keulseweg 34, Pijnacker, Zuid Holland, 2641 PK Netherlands  Contact: Raymond Werner 06 47 300 184  Serving ages 12-99. Providing burnout, coaching, education for coaches. EAGALA Certified
Contact: Marjolijn Meijer Individuals and groups, Personal coaching, Teamcoaching, Leadership, Education for coaches. Training Centre for the Equine Assisted Coach. EAGALA Certified
Contact: Marjon Ledderhof-Hegeman (+31) 6 57533074 Individuals and groups, children, youth, adults. Counseling, teambuilding, stress, PTSS, burnout, personal development. In Nederland vergoeding (deels) mogelijk via zorgverzekeraar, afhankelijk van de zorgpolis. EAGALA Certified
Contact: Hannelies Bongaerts 0031650278895 Outpatient and Residential Wij werken met kinderen, jongeren, volwassenen. Dit kan op individuele basis, maar wijbieden ook workshops aan voor groepen.Hulpvragen kunnen zijn:-Faalangst -pesten en sociale weerbaarheid-sociale vaardigheden-relatie ouder en kind-angststoornissen-PTSD EAGALA Certified
Contact: Anne Lankester EAGALA Certified (Annelies Boers)  
Contact: Marjon van Holthoon 0499 477618 Volwassenen, particulieren en organisaties, preventief, bewustwording en zelfontplooiing. EAGALA Certified


Contact: Anita Veimo 004740852305 EAGALA Certified
Contact: Ingrid Strøm 0047953374 Serving Adults, youngsters and children. EAGALA Certified

New Zealand

Contact: Kathy Marx or Debbie Rowberry 64092929014 Equine Assisted Therapy is available to children, teenagers, adults and families, groups and businesses.  problems such as Anxiety & Depression, Grief & Loss, Family Issues, Self Esteem, Behavioural issues. We  are able to customise sessions & programmes according to your needs. Debbie Rowberry - Cognitive Behaviour Specialist. Stress & Anxiety Management Specialist....
Contact: Gail Morley 07 5798892 Providing Equine Assisted Therapy to existing clients of Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services only. Run at the Tauranga Equestrian Centre (Riding for the Disabled). We also run a Therapeutic Riding Program with the RDA for CAMHS clients. EAGALA Certified
Contact: Jane Weggery 027 222 3899 or 04 237 5550 or Our programme works with individuals, groups, families, corporate groups, adults, children and teenagers. We offer services for people who require growth, learning and counselling support by helping them improve their mental and emotional wellbeing, supporting them to experience themselves to their fullest potential and assisting them to achieve their goals and dreams. We offer an Eagala Programme...
Contact: Tobi Roxane Martin or Carol Drew 027-240-2543 (Tobi) 027-287-6754 (Carol) Equine assisted counseling and learning. Participants referred by counselors. Children, adults, individuals and groups. Marriage and relationship, depression, grief, anger, autism, eating disorders, bullying, building self-confidence, assertiveness. Also leadership, team building, power tools for living, communication skills for businesses, educators and others....
Contact: Cilla Bell, Judy Dransfield, Janette Parkyns 64-9-576-8914 Children, Adolescents, Adults, School Groups - behavioural problems & mental health disorders, including anxiety, anger, depression & suicidal ideation, withdrawal, low self-esteem, bullying, addictions, Asperger's and autism Families - better communication, address key issues, move forward into a healthy way of functioning, difficult...
Contact: Mark Wood  Mark 063482131 Eagala practice with all ages and groups. Primary focus on working with young people and their families. EAGALA Certified
Contact: Anna Featherstone 09 832 3327 Youth, adults, groups. Counselling for depression, addiction, grief, anger, boundaries, anxiety, etcInstilling peace, tranquillity, honesty, integrity, humility, love of self and others. EAGALA Certified
'Learn about yourself and others the equine way' Contact: Sarah Hamilton, Psychotherapist (Prov. MNZAP) or Grace Blackmore, Equine Specialist Ph. 09 412 5594,  Mob. 021 477523 / 021 1070425 EAP services available to children, teenagers, adults, families, groups and businesses. Improving the mental and emotional health and well being of our children, our families  and our communities. EAGALA Certified  
Contact: Petro Booysen and Jenny Gibbons +64210494418  or +64275366911 or At Horse Sense we have a therapeutic program that focuses on individuals, families, couples and corporate groups.  The Horse Sense program addresses a variety of mental health and human development needs including self-esteem, leadership, behavioural issues, relapse prevention, depression, anxiety, relationship problems, family...