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Find A Program Listing

Thank you for your interest in having your program posted on Eagala’s website “Find a Program” feature on This provides a great resource for the community and referral sources to find Eagala certified practitioners in their area. It is also a great opportunity to market your program.

Eagala’s Find a Program links has the following guidelines:

1. An Eagala Model program needs to be in place with current Eagala certified professionals facilitating (standard is at least one member of the MH/ES team is certified).
2. You practice per Eagala’s model, standards, and ethics.
3. Contact us if any information changes so we can keep the site up to date.

If you would like your program listed, please send us the following information (listings may be edited by Eagala to meet our format; may take up to two weeks to be posted).

You may complete the form in your local language to best meet the needs of your client market.

If you are revising a current listing - you can just fill in the information which needs to be changed - or feel free to explain in the comments box what you want done. You will also need to fill in the fields with a red asterisk by them. Contact if you have any questions.

Only add your street address if you don't mind it being made public for the advertisement.

Age, sex, diagnosis focus, specialties - use key words people may "search" in the search function, i.e. grief, PTSD, youth, school groups, etc.

This person's certification date will determine the length of the program listing on the website (active certification must be in place to be listed on this site). If you state Advanced Certified, please list the Advanced Certified person here.

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