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EAGALA Endorsed Resources

The following are resources which have been reviewed by EAGALA and have been endorsed as Recommended Resources for our members. Some are the EAGALA Model, while others may not be, yet all can be good resources depending on your interest and population.  

These resources are sold by and through the owners and not through EAGALA - links are provided with the listings below for more information and to purchase.

If you are interested in a product being added to this page, please read the EAGALA Endorsement Policy and Procedures and contact EAGALA Continuing Education Manager, Carey Khan, for more information. 


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Highlighted Resources

Riding Home by Tim Hayes


Additional Resources


The Manual of Medicine and HorsemanshipThe Manual of Medicine and Horsemanship—Transforming the Doctor-Patient Relationship with Equine-Assisted Learning
by Beverley Kane, MD
Horsensei Equine Assisted Learning and THerapy (HEALTH)

This unique Manual enables you to conduct EAGALA-model workshops using clinical scenarios, metaphors and medical language to teach communication, teamwork, and leadership to medical, nursing, and veterinary students and healthcare professionals. Programs based on this manual have been conducted at more than 20 major medical centers. Includes an order form for free CD with Dr. Kane’s handouts, forms, photos, and videos, plus a complimentary one-half hour phone consultation to get your program started. For additional information and to order click here.


EquiPower coverEquiPower: Treating Trauma with the Power and Sensitivity of Horses
Authors: Ann O’Brien, MS, NCSC and Kendra Twitty, MA, LPC
Order: (410-302-8090) or (843-812-1018)
Cost: $40.00 per Workbook + $5.00 Shipping and Handling
The authors integrate the Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Model with EAGALA Model equine-assisted psychotherapy interventions. The Workbook includes experiential activities to address the TF-CBT PRACTICE components. The authors’ goal is to support mental health professionals in assisting children/adolescents/families in healing from traumatic events while partnering with horses and the outdoors.


Colts and Fillies CoverColts and Fillies is an easy-to-use manual for use with young children. Using the EAGALA model, the mental health professional and/or the equine specialist can manage (design) sessions with everything at their fingertips. Organizational tips and "how to make" materials are included. Reproducible pages provide immediate resources. The manual can be a life saver for impromptu EAP/EAL sessions or it can be used to formulate a series of sessions. The activities can be used for individual and group therapy, learning groups, residential treatment centers, summer camps, and day clinics. They can also be adapted for adult equine-assisted sessions. Colts and Fillies is a "must have" resource for your library.

Order through Amazon as hard copy or Kindle Version,, or contact


 Therapeutic Cards


Horse Path therapeutic cardsThe Horse Path Therapeutic Cards are pictures of wild horses in various situations and compositions.
The pictures were chosen to display a variety of situations in the herds' life to enable the client to use them as metaphors to situations in their life.
Great for working with children, adult, one-on-one, group work, family therapy, and more.  Comes with a methodology manual.

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all children are gifted coverAll Children are Gifted: Raising Confident and Aware Children by Suzanne Carter

This easy to read parenting book aligns well with the Eagala Model solution-oriented premise of believing in the capability of our clients, of all ages – teaching how to connect to our “inner knowing.” It’s a great resource to refer to parents, and to adults who want to learn how we can parent our own "inner child" by connecting to the voice within, developing our intuition, and trusting ourselves.  Click here to order on Amazon or Kindle version.