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Horses Help APP

Horses Help App

Eagala's Horses Help APP is a free app you can download in the Apple or Android stores. (Note: If you already have the APP, be sure you have the latest update. The app store usually indicates app's that need to update).

The APP is designed to do the following:

1. Provide ideas and content for Eagala members' social media marketing (on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter - note you must have one of these accounts as the APP is focused on helping with this social media marketing specifically).

2. Provide opportunities for members to create your own specific campaigns to meet your marketing objectives.

3. Create partnerships with organizations and influencers with similar objectives to include their members and supporters in participating in the app campaigns - this increases our marketing reach.

4. Attract sponsorships through the marketing reach that our collective power now has.

How does it work?

The Convener Model:

This is a collaborative approach that looks at how groups can partner together and provide win-win-win relationships.

An example: Global Citizen Festival. This is a free concert held annually on the Great Lawn of New York City with the objective to end extreme poverty.

How is it free? To gain entrance to the concert, individuals must take "actions" on the Global Citizen website that involves posting on their social media. This collective reach attracts celebrities and government and industry leaders to get involved. Then they commit to donating time and money to charities and projects that end poverty and in return they get mass exposure. The Global Citizen Festival has made history as the largest livestreamed annual charity event of all time.

The team who started the Global Citizen Festival is now helping Eagala. The Horses Help APP is the tool to create this very same phenomenon through the Convener Model approach.

Social Media Marketing:

Social media is now one of the most effective ways to get the word out about your business, and it's FREE except your time! However, most of us in Eagala are not social media marketing experts, and there are skills, tools and techniques you need to utilize so that your messages are not lost in all the noise, and actually get buried by social media algorithms. Yes, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter all have processes that determine whether your posts are seen or not.

The Horses Help APP gives you some of those tools so that you can get maximum exposure.

Social media likes posts that are creative and engaging. You can't keep posting the same thing or your posts get hidden. You also need to involve pictures, videos, and engaging educational and interesting content. It's hard to come up with constant ideas and content - the Horses Help APP has done this for you. When you open the APP, you will see different "Campaigns" you can do - choose one and click on any of the "actions" in that campaign for social media posts you can do. 

Likes, comments, shares and hashtags: Social media likes "likes." And even better, if people comment on your post or share it, it gets seen and spread more often by algorithms. So you need posts that will generate this kind of engagement from your friends, and their friends, and then their friends and so on. Hashtags also help posts get seen by the people you want seeing it. The Horses Help APP has automatically put in hashtags for you, and you can also add your own. A post can have the potential to reach thousands and millions based on this kind of engagement. Imagine what that kind of advertising would normally cost, and now it can be free with the right techniques!

Consistency: Social media shows your posts only if you post consistently with a pattern. So decide how often it is. Generally it needs to be at least once a week, so make sure you post something once a week. Or decide you want to post 2, 3 or more times a week. The key is the consistency.  It doesn't have to take much time thanks to the Horses Help APP. Open the Horses Help APP that time each week and choose an action, and you're done!

It's customizable: meaning that each action in the Horses Help APP, you can add your own message to the post. If it's about horse nutrition, talk about how your Eagala program cares about the health and welfare of your horse cofacilitators. If it's about another program, share how you provide these same powerful services. If it's about shoes, get clever and metaphorical and talk about how in your Eagala program, you provide new ways for people to take steps for change. Each action you can write something that links to the amazing work your businesses do. And each action is just giving ideas! It says take a picture of you - well maybe you take a picture of your facility and talk about that, or maybe you take a picture of a written quote and share that. The key is that it provides the initial ideas to focus on.

Earn exposure, and potential prizes and cash! Thanks to sponsors and partners Eagala is able to obtain with your involvement increasing our reach, you can also be put into drawings to win prizes and cash when you complete actions posting in the various APP campaigns. There have already been members who have won $100, $500 and $1000 cash prizes along with other merchandise swag.


Eagala is investing in this app both as a resource for members, and because we believe through the Convener Model and the power of Social Media, we can achieve our vision that every person worldwide has access to the power of Eagala Model services. Thank you for your membership, involvement and commitment to this vision changing lives! 

Read this to learn more about the Horses Help App, or watch this video.

Click this link to create a specific campaign for your program that would get added in the Horses Help APP.

Contact us with any questions!