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Advanced Certification

Becoming Eagala Advanced Certified indicates your extra commitment to ongoing learning and dedication as an Eagala Model professional. It informs the public and your colleagues of your increased specialization in the model, and provides further assurance of the professionalism, standards and values of Eagala that you uphold. 

See below for the steps towards obtaining this special designation. Please review the Advanced Certification application as well to ensure the standards and expectations of being Eagala Advanced Certified is a fit for you.

To obtain Eagala Advanced Certification: (Note: steps 2 - 7 can be done in any order)

  1. Complete Eagala Certification
  2. Attend the Eagala Fundamentals training twice
  3. Facilitate at least 300 Eagala Model hours since being certified
  4. Complete the Eagala Advanced Track Mentoring Program
  5. Attend the Eagala Skillsets Intensive
  6. Attend at least 2 additional Eagala trainings or conferences/regional forums
  7. Submit an article that is approved for potential publication in the Eagala Newsletter - review guidelines
  8. Complete Advanced Certification application (final step)