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Academic Papers

EAGALA Model specific

Russell-Martin, L.A. (2006).  Equine facilitated couples therapy and Solution Focused couples therapy: A comparative study.  Doctorate of Philosophy, Northcentral University.

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Tetreault, A. (2006).  Horses that heal: The effectiveness of Equine Assisted Growth and Learning on the behavior of students diagnosed with Emotional Disorder.  Unpublished Masters Thesis. Governors State University, University Park, IL.


General Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (other models utilized or not model specific)

Aduddell, M.M. (2003). Effects of equine assisted psychotherapy on adolescent attitudes and behaviors. Unpublished manuscript. Colorado Christian University.  

Bray, B. (2002). Treating adolescents using equine assisted psychotherapy: Effects on self concept, anxiety, and depression. Unpublished Masters Thesis, Whitman College.

Emory, D.K. (1992). Effects of therapeutic horsemanship on the self concept and behavior of asocial adolescents. Unpublished dissertation, University of Maine.  

Greenwald, A.J. (2001). The effect of a therapeutic horsemanship program on emotionally disturbed boys. Dissertation Abstracts International, 62.

Hutchinson, J. (2009).  Equine Assisted Psychotherapy:  Horses are still helping us today.  Unpublished manuscript.  Pioneer Pacific College.