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EAGALA is dedicated to encouraging, facilitating, and sharing research in Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Learning.

Links listed in the research database include full papers which are copyrighted by the authors. The authors have given EAGALA permission to post them on this site.  Thank you!  

Bibliography summary of published research of various equine therapy approaches:

To contact the EAGALA Research Committee, email  Chair:  Sherry Harrison, Ph.D.

Research Resources

Single Subject Research Design for EAGALA Certified members - We are encouraging all EAGALA certified members to start implementing the research design created by the EAGALA Research Committee and to submit your data to EAGALA for compilation in a broad research project.  The design provides a way to start doing research in your programs and have statistical results to provide to your funders and customers. 

Measurement Tools:  Annotated Bibliography of Outcome Measures for Research There are hundreds, if not thousands of measures that could be used in evaluating the effects of EAP. This document includes some measures that are commonly used in outcome research. It is not an exhaustive list and the intention is to have it grow. If you have read about or used a particular instrument that you think is suitable but is not on the list, please send information about the measure to and the list will be updated. Please include the name of the measure, author and/or website where information can be found about the measure and a brief description of the measure. If it has been used in a study of EAP, please indicate findings. This will help us keep this a living and growing document that maintains its relevance.

- Outcome Questionnaire Instrument – OQ Test.  Contact Tameisha at OQ Measures, 888-647-2673. 15% discount on the software product for EAGALA members.

EAGALA Research for Dummies by Kristine Aanderson - a comprehensive guide to help you get started.