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Regional Coordinators

Click here to read more about the Regional Coordinator role.  Regional Coordinators help address questions specific to the region.  For general information on EAGALA and trainings, please contact the central office

Sharon Boyce


+27 84 500 0672

Sharon Boyce has a wide range of experience in the field of horses helping people, ranging from working with children and adults with severe disability to psycho-educational equestrian programmes for people with autism to preparing riders with disability for international competition such as Special Olympics 1999, Paralympics 2008 and WEG 2010.  In the early 1990's she founded the Shumbashaba Therapeutic Equine Assisted Therapy Centre. Recently, to further clarify the different type of programming at Shumbashaba, it was decided to run the EAP / EAL programmes under a different name - Anam Cara (Soul Friends) - which currently offers a wide range of EAGALA services.

Sharon has her BSc Psych Honos (WITS) and completed the requirements for MScClin Psych, but due to various life happenings this degree was not conferred. On the equestrian side, she is a SARDA Senior instructor, SANEF Carriage Driving Instructor, and FEI Level 1 Coach.  She received the PROTEA and SANEF Silver Colours for Combined Carriage Driving.  She is also EAGALA Advanced Certified and an approved trainer for EAGALA certification trainings.

In her words, she is a " horse addict" due to the number of horses in her stable yard.  She is passionate about the development of people through the way of the horse.


Coral HarrisonCoral Harrison

EAGALA Europe & Middle East (EME)

+44 (0) 7766 706066

Coral Harrison, England UK, PTSTA is a Certified Transactional Analyst and UKCP registered psychotherapist, supervisor & trainer. She is Advanced Certificated with EAGALA and serves as a mentor. Coral also offers EAGALA approved workshops in trauma. She has been working as part of a team offering Equine Assisted Psychotherapy since 2005.

Coral has gained extensive experience in working with disturbed and difficult young people. Her specialist areas are working with ‘at-risk’ youth, attachment issues, sexual abuse and complex trauma including Dissociative Identity Disorder.

Coral has over 30 years’ experience with horses and has trained in natural horsemanship. She lives and works in a beautiful rural setting in North Cumbria, UK. Coral is passionate about the EAGALA Model and supporting practitioners to develop their skills and confidence. She has been active in EAGALA attending all Europe conferences to date.


Annie Ricalde

EAGALA LatinoAmerica

+52 155 5435 8443

Annie Ricalde, Mexico, has a background in mental health as well as the equine specialist side. She is a psychologist in Mexico and is a national competitor and champion in dressage. She founded TAAC, which focuses on doing EAGALA EAL with corporations. She has worked with many large and small corporations in Mexico with teams who range from CEO´s to the cleaning service staff at an organization.

She also works in partnership with PAE where she does EAGALA focused on child trafficking, addictions, sexual abuse, depression, and eating disorders. She has worked with clients who simply want to focus on personal development, to clients with severe issues including suicidal and those suffering psychotic breakdowns.

Annie was first EAGALA certified in 2004, and has since earned her EAGALA Advanced Certification.  She also conducts EAGALA Part 1 and 2 trainings for the certification program and serves as a mentor.  She has been committed to spreading EAGALA and the EAGALA standards throughout Latin America and has helped translate many of the materials into Spanish.


Helen Gorfine

EAGALA Pacific

+61 0448 762 184

Helen Gorfine, Australia, is a Mental Health Social Worker and educator and has worked in a wide range of service contexts as a community development worker, counsellor and therapist for over twenty-five years. She has extensive experience as a public clinician and private therapist in adult psychiatry, child, adolescent and family mental health.

Helen’s practice is drawn from a rich background of training and experience in Systemic/Family Therapy, Gestalt, CBT, MI, Schema Therapy, Psychodrama, Sociodrama, and Role Training.  As a qualified educator, Helen draws upon her understanding of child development, pedagogy and adult learning processes to support client awareness and growth. In the past Helen has varied experience in the equine industry working as a riding instructor and equine stud assistant and completed studies at the Victorian College of Agriculture and Horticulture in Equine Management.
Helen certified in EAGALA Model EAP in 2007. Since then she has hosted EAGALA Training and has been active in promoting the field through press releases and articles and developing informal & formal supports and networks for EAP practitioners including establishing a regional email Newsletter. She currently works in child and adolescent public mental health and offers EAP in private practice and facilitates EAL leadership and team building workshops. Helen commenced her role as Regional Coordinator EAGALA Pacific in 2010. She is delighted to have this role and be an active part of the international EAGALA community. Helen looks forward to ongoing collaborative work with the Networking Group Coordinators and EAGALA Pacific Focus Groups and to the opening of the first EAGALA Pacific Conference in the near future.
Mickey DiGiacomo
EAGALA U.S./Canada
+1 801 754 0400
Mickey serves as EAGALA's Program Director.  Click here to read more.