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Mentoring Program

The Eagala Mentoring Program provides individualized feedback and support regarding Eagala Model skills and practice when working with clients.

This mentoring program is not designed to provide business assistance, but is solely focused on hands-on work with clients utilizing Eagala Model practice (click here for Eagala's business consulting program). 

Standard Mentoring is available to anyone Eagala Certified. It can be done individually or as a team, and is an opportunity to get feedback and explore application of the Eagala Model with your clients.  

The Advanced Track Mentoring Process is a requirement to work towards Advanced certification and an opportunity for ongoing professional development.  

Mentoring FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

Pre-requisites for mentoring:

  1. Eagala Certified
  2. Currently conducts or will begin conducting Eagala Model sessions with clients
  3. Desire to learn and grow

If you wish to sign up, fill out the Request a Mentor Form below for Standard mentoring or the Advanced Track mentoring application.

List of Eagala approved mentors

Standard Mentoring Request a Mentor Form  - for those who would like additional learning and guidance

*If you have arranged for, or requested, a mentor please complete this form along with the request/application: Standard mentoring informed consent agreement

Advanced Track mentoring application - for those who desire to become Advanced Certified

To obtain Eagala Advanced Certification: (Note: steps 2 - 7 can be done in any order)

  1. Complete Eagala Certification
  2. Attend the Eagala Fundamentals training twice
  3. Facilitate at least 300 Eagala Model hours since being certified
  4. Complete the Eagala Advanced Track Mentoring Program
  5. Attend the Eagala Skillsets Intensive
  6. Attend at least 2 additional Eagala trainings or conferences/regional forums
  7. Submit an article that is approved for potential publication in the Eagala Newsletter - review guidelines
  8. Complete Advanced Certification application (final step)

Please contact us if you have any questions.