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Media Highlights

16 March 2016: San Antonio Express News - "A horse is a therapist of course, of course" by Richard A. Marini on EAGALA program in Texas 
13 March 2016: Valdosta Daily Times - Government & Non-profits "Shiloh Equine Outreach brings new therapy" by Desiree Carver, page 8, on new EAGALA Model program in Georgia.
24 February 2016: Derby House Post "Behind the scenes at an equine therapy centre" by Beth Woolway in UK on benefits of EAGALA equine assisted psychotherapy with troubled youth, families and autism.
14 January 2016: "Equine therapy creats healing bond" by Lisa Isaacs. Results of EAGALA program Equinox Trust in South Africa.
25 October 2015: "Fort Valley community learns about horse therapy" by D Hunter Joyce. Follow-up coverage of the demo at The Peach Pit in Georgia.
23 October 2015: "Peach Pit to Hold Demo on Therapy with Horses." Media video coverage on EAGALA program The Peach Pit in Georgia.
19 October 2015: Diepsloot Times "Shumbashaba Growing Great Girls Program Turn Around Tumi's Life" on an incredible personal development and mentoring EAGALA program in South Africa
13 October 2015: Thoroughbred Daily News "War Vets Pair with Thoroughbreds to Heal Both Humans and Horses" by T.D. Thornton on EAGALA program Stable Survivors
21 September 2015: NBN News "The Great Divide Part 2: A Special Report on Mental Health Services in the Bush" by Madeline Kulk which includes a segment on EAGALA Model program Women Under a Blue Moon in NSW, Australia
19 September 2015: Pix11 "From battle wounds to childhood loss, horses used for healing in New Jersey" by Lisa Mateo. Two great video clips on EAGALA program Spring Reins of Life work with youth and veterans.
8 September 2015: The Brandon Sun "They're just a very healing animal" on EAGALA training in Manitoba, Canada
25 August 2015: Horse Collaborative "Real Horse Power" by Kari Whatley - wonderfully written article on the EAGALA Model in action
11 August 2015: Wexford Echo "A Helping Hoof for those in Need" by Anna Hayes on an EAGALA demonstration in Ireland
August 2015: "Event Idea of the Month: A Horse of Course" on EAGALA Model for organizational groups - team building, leadership and more
22 July 2015: Castle Craig Hospital "The Benefits of Equine Therapy" by Olivia Ianculescu on EAGALA Model in alcohol and drug addictions treatment program in the Scottish Borders, UK
20 July 2015: Richmond Times Dispatch "What's a model of self-awareness? A horse, of course" by Karin Kapsidelis on the EAGALA Model at Richard Bland College in Virginia teaching teachers stress management and coping strategies for the classroom 
13 July 2015: Sunshine Coast Daily "Using 'horse power' for healing" by April Orme on EAGALA program in Queensland, Australia
10 July 2015: NJTV News "Horses Help Medical Students Improve Bedside Manner" by Michael Hill at Rutgers Medical School in New Jersey
9 June 2015: "Healing horses offer Reins of Life" by Liza Jaipaul, On Spring Reins of Life in New Jersey   
8 June 2015: KULR8News NBC "Equine Assisted Learning" by Stefanie Ponte, video showing EAGALA Model Equine Assisted Learning to help kids with reading skills in Montana
25 May 2015: ABC30 "A New Kind of Veterans Treatment Program" by Aisha Khan on EAGALA Veterans Program in Missouri
10 May 2015: Pretoria North Rekford "Hoewe van genesing verbly kinderharte" on EAGALA program Healing Hooves in Pretoria, South Africa
26 March 2015: The Salt Lake Tribune " Utah nonprofit shares horse therapy wisdom with the world" by Kristen Moulton on EAGALA Conference 
6 March 2015: "EAGALA Therapy at YBGR: Reaching Children through Horses" on EAGALA at Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch in Montana
2 March 2015: "Spring Reins of Life uses horses to heal" by Katie Park in New Jersey
17 February 2015: "Concert on March 21 to Benefit Spring Reins of Life" - EAGALA Model program in New Jersey
February 2015: Professional Social Work "Horse Power"  by Hayley Meachin; Reprinted with permission by Professional Social Work magazine in the UK
16 February 2015: The "Healing with horse power at Perthshire farm" by Graham Gibson on program in the UK
25 December 2014: MyNorth "Peace Ranch in Traverse City" by Anita K. Henry about EAGALA program in MI
8 December 2014: KULR8 News "Alternative Method to Healing and Self-Growth" by Stefanie Ponte on EAGALA program Fresh Steps in Montana
4 December 2014: The George Herald "Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Learning in SA" newspaper in the Eastern Cape on EAGALA in South Africa
18 November 2014: CBCNews "Horse therapy helps couple deal with PTSD and cancer" by Gail Harding on EAGALA Model program in Prince Edward Island, Canada
26 October 2014: "Four-legged therapist making a difference" by Mara Klecker on how a veteran benefitted from EAGALA Model at Take Flight Farms in Nebraska
25 October 2014: Slovene National TV1 RTV SLO "About Animals and Humans" - tv coverage of the EAGALA Slovenia network group on the EAGALA Model - first 5 minutes of the show
October 2014 : NASWnews "Animals increasingly used in therapy" by Rena Malai about  different types of animal assisted therapy
Sep / Oct 2014:  Reaching New Heights: Lifestyles of Virginia's Tri-Cities Area magazine "Richard Bland College of the College of William & Mary Creates Equine Journey for Students" by Dr. Barbara Morgan on new certificate program at the college based on the EAGALA Model
25 September 2014: Campbelltown Macarthur Advertiser "Horses for courses at Ambarvale High" by Ben Chenoweth and Jess Layt on EAGALA program in NSW, Australia
18 September 2014: ABC Eyewitness News "Equine Therapy Helps Veterans Cope with Trauma" by Katherine Johnson - news video on EAGALA Military Services provider Acres for Life in Minnesota
13 September 2014: Globall News "Saskatchewan ranch uses horses to treat people with mental illnesses" Steve Silva - news video on Discovery Ranch in Canada
12 September 2014: Office of U.S. Representative Julia Brownley "Brownley Announces VA Partnership with Reins of Hope for Veterans' Mental Health Services," an EAGALA Military Services provider in CA
12 September 2014: Morning Sun News "Ranch offers animal therapy to children in need" by Malachi Barrett - Article about services provided by Hopewell Ranch in Michigan
28 August 2014: "Shenandoah County Fair: Veterans honored"  by Ryan Cornell - Article about Veterans program at Breaking Free in Virginia
Summer 2014: Ottawa at Home "The Healing Power of Horses" by Jane Whiting on EAGALA Model program Tranquil Acres in Canada
21 July 2014: Tyler Morning Telegraph  "Training helps more learn to use horses in therapy" by Emily Guevara on EAGALA training in Tyler, Texas
11 July 2014: "Dayspring Counseling Services LLC opens" by Nola Sizemore on Counseling program in Kentucky
19 June 2014: "Horses and heroes" by Devin Heilman on EAGALA Military Services retreat in Idaho provided by Blue Moon Mending, Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 889, and the Mica Foundation
9 June 2014: Chicago Tribune "Veterans' health could benifit from equine therapy" by Amanda Marrazzo on EAGALA Demonstration for Veteran's program hosted by Reins of Change in Illinois
27 May 2014: Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation "Starting Gates Open for Stable Kids" on using retired racehorses in EAGALA sessions to help at-risk youth - partnership with TRF, Healing Arenas, Inc., Stanislaus County Office of Education, Diamond Bar Arena, and EAGALA
2 May 2014: "Group that uses horses for psychotherapy moves to new home" by Lllian Shupe on EAGALA Model program Spring Reins of Hope in New Jersey, their new location, and their work teaching bedside manners to medical students
17 April 2014: FNBTV "You Can Help 'Loving Horses Can Help'" - video coverage on national tv in South Africa of Shumbashaba program which includes EAGALA Model programming - original story blogged by FNB on October 25, 2013 talking about owner Sharon Boyce who is a trainer and mentor for EAGALA.
5 April 2014: Waseca County News "Waseca native writes memoir about father and horses" by Samantha Maranell in California
3 April 2014: Goodwill Industries of New York and New Jersey "Participants of Goodwill at Horseability Stride Towards the Future" blog on EAGALA program started by EAGALA certified member Alix Sugarman for Goodwill and attendance at the EAGALA annual conference
19 March 2014: Mesquite News "Unique mental health conference held in Mesquite" by Kenny Green - coverage of the EAGALA 15th Annual Conference
18 March 2014: The Dallas Morning News "Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association held three-day conference in Mesquite" by Deborah Fleck - coverage of the EAGALA 15th Annual Conference
3 March 2014: The Daytona Beach News-Journal "Therapy horses help put trauma to pasture" by Jim Haug on the value of horses in the treatment process and different models of equine assisted therapies for trauma 
8 February 2014: "Equine-assisted therapy helps soldiers deal with PTSD" by Drew Brooks on EAGALA with soldiers from Fort Bragg
3 January 2014: Minn Post "Chisago City horse therapist offers horse sense and more" by Sarah T. Williams on Acres for Life in Minnesota
8 October 2013: The Daily "Using horses to heal and teach" by Brionna Friedrich in Washington
3 October 2013: U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs "VA Montana Health Care System Equine Therapy Program" by Terrie Casey on EAGALA program for the VA Montana Health Care System
30 September 2013: The Daily Courier "Horses take the reins to help veterans tackle life struggles" by Tamara Sone in Prescott, Arizona
26 August 2013: Grand Traverse Insider "Trusting bonds: Rescue horses bring healing to veterans" by Marionette Kubicz on PEACE Ranch contract with the Dept. of Veteran Affairs for EAGALA Model EAP services
5 August 2013: The Baltimore Sun "Whiteford stable to offer equine assisted psychotherapy training" announcing EAGALA training being hosted by Stable Options LLC; also in
Aug. 2013:  Berkshire Homestyle "Horses Helping" by William Shannon regarding EAGALA program in Berkshire, Massachusettes
26 July 2013: The Laker & The Pioneer "Horses help healing process for domestic abuse survivors" by Theresa Malloy on EAGALA program in Minnesota with some wonderful testimonials of the power of this work for domestic abuse survivors
25 July 2013: KGOS/KERM "St. Joseph Children's Home Receives Grant" regarding grant received by youth residential treatment program in WY for their EAGALA and horse program
16 July 2013: HRTV "Horse Talk TV: The Goodness of Horses" by host Katie Hickson and presenter Tara Brown reporting on EAGALA at the Part 1 training at the Sydney Polo Club in Sydney, Australia, October 2011
12 July 2013: The Guardian "Drink up, it's good for you! A red wine detox holiday in France" by Liz Boulter on a detox and weight loss retreat in France incorporating EAGALA Model as part of its experience
7 July 2013: "Rescatan caballos a niños de la calle" by Natalia Vitela regarding EAGALA Model program TAAC in Mexico City. View videoView it in newspaper format
26 June 2013: The HORSE "Horses Teaching Humans about Leadership" by University of Kentucky College of Agriculture on study involving horses to teach emotional intelligence
24 June 2013: The Berkshire Eagle "Berkshire Horse Works: Equine and human therapy" by Adam Poulisse on EAGALA model program open house for about 50 mental health professionals in Massachusettes. Also see 18 June 2013: Berkshires' Best "Horse Therapy Open House"
21 June 2013: Berkshire Record "Horses and Health: A Winning Combo" by Emily Kramer regarding new EAGALA program starting in Massachusettes
19 June 2013: "Local ranch hosts horse therapy training" by Marisa Cueller on EAGALA training hosted by Horses Treat in WI. Also: 18 June 2013: "Program offers therapy through horses" by Donovan Hill 
13 June 2013: The Salt Lake Tribune "Horses provide therapy for troubled youth" by Tetona Dunlap on EAGALA in Idaho, also 9 June in
6 June 2013: Rodney Times "Healing power of horses" by Edna Heled on EAGALA in New Zealand
2 June 2013: Daily Herald "Horses help with counseling in Cedar Fort" by Charlynn Anderson on EAGALA program in Utah
20 May 2013: "Scotty's House Organizes Training to Use Horses as Therapy Animals" by Michael Oder covering EAGALA Part 1 training in Bryan, Texas
8 May 2013: "Social Work professor combines love of horses with research" by Jane Moorman, New Mexico State University and research being done on EAGALA
25 April 2013: "STARS offers special training for "healing" horses" by Matt Breen on EAGALA Part 1 training being hosted in Sioux City, Iowa, also in Sioux City, 27 April
22 April 2013: 06880 "Sullivans' Horses Help Sandy Hook Heal" by Dan Woog on the Zoar Ridge Stables and EAGALA collaboration to serve families devastated by the Sandy Hook school tragedy
25 March 2013: Rural TV  "EAGALA" 3-minute news clip on EAGALA covered at EAGALA's 14th Annual Conference aired 15 times on RFD-TV and associated networks
17 March 2013: Orange County Register "Therapists debate value of TV 'treatment' shows" by Michael Hewitt on the effect of 'reality tv" therapy shows on the clients who participate, including the experience of Mark Lytle, EAGALA Advanced Certified, sharing his opinions when he participated in "World's Strictest Parents" show and incorporated the EAGALA Model
14 March 2013: News2 WKRN-TV Nashville "Training convention for equine therapy comes to Williamson County" by Jamey Tucker, coverage of EAGALA's 14th Annual Conference
8 March 2013: The Tennessean "Horse therapy to be demonstrated" announcing the upcoming EAGALA 14th Annual Conference in Franklin, TN
6 March 2013: Midweek "Therapy in the Midst of Horses" by Rasa Fournier on EAGALA program in Hawaii
20 February 2013: Country Music Finest "Templeton Thompson Premier New Video - When I Get that Pony Rode" on EAGALA Ambassador Templeton Thompson
January 2013: Canadian Horse Journal Equine Consumers Guide 2013 "Horses as Healers" by Margaret Evans giving an overview about equine assisted psychotherapy
31 January 2013: The Newtown Bee "Zoar Ridge Stables Partners With EAGALA To Embrace Hope" by Nancy K. Crevier on EAGALA collaborating with Zoar Ridge Stables to provide Equine Assisted Psychotherapy services for community members impacted by the Sandy Hook tragedy
16 January 2013: Addiction Professional "Horses and healing" by Shannon Brys 
9 January 2013: Indian Country Today Media "Tribes Take on Youth Suicide with Skits, Ceremonies and Mustangs" by Stephanie Woodard - using EAGALA for suicide prevention with Native Americans
6 January 2013: Darien News "Newtown's love of horses helps healing" by Eileen Fitzgerald - EAGALA EAP being provided to help the Newtown community heal from the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School
15 December 2012: Newcastle Herald "Healing with horses" by Frances Thompson about EAGALA Model and the 1st EAGALA Pacific Conference in Australia
5 December 2012: The Maitland Mercury "Creatures of comfort" by Emma Swain about EAGALA certified professional Jen Black and Louise Campbell and the 1st EAGALA Pacific Conference in Australia 
30 November 2012: CNN "Roll over Freud: rise of animal therapy" by Sheena McKenzie
26 November 2012: Hunter Valley & North Coast Town and Country magazine "Horse help" by Frances Sacco about EAGALA Model in Australia and 1st EAGALA Pacific Conference
14 November 2012: Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department "Multi-agency partnership in first ever equine initiativefor California probationers" media release on partnership with EAGALA, Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation, Dependent Ranch, Unbridled Hope and Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department
12 November 2012: The Saratogian "The healing heart of a horse: Equine therapy aids troubled teens" by Jennie Grey in Saratoga Springs, NY
5 November 2012: Honoring All Who Serve: Veterans Day 2012 publication in Rochester, MN "Operation Sanctuary: Finding a Way Home" by Heather Jeffrey and Ray Anschel on an EAGALA collaborative in MN providing services for military servicemembers and their families
12 October 2012: "Veterans benefit from horse therapy at Windhorse Farm" by Kevin Doran on EAGALA Advanced Certified Dr. Joe Lancia's program in New York (story and video)
2 September 2012: Yahoo! Sports "Hours from Penn State, children's charity shows new way to heal" by Eric Adelson on Marley's Mission, an EAGALA Model program
1 August 2012: The Hunterdon County Democrat "N.J. horse with a broken body has a knack for healing human souls" by Jane Meggitt on EAGALA New Jersey program, Springs Reins of Life - how a special rescue horse who had broken her neck and both front legs is now helping others.
12 July 2012: Mindfulness & Psychotherapy "Making a Big Therapeutic Impact in Short Time: An Interview with Dr. B. Jane Wick on Equine Assisted Psychotherapy" by Elisha Goldstein, Ph.D. on - great interview explaining EAP by EAGALA Certified Dr. Jane Wick of Denim 'n Dirt Ranch in CA
Spring 2012: ADDitude Magazine "Take the Reins from Your ADD" by Zoe Kessler on EAGALA Equine Assisted Psychotherapy with Attention Deficit Disorder
4 May 2012: Kaiserslautern American "Local clubs help fund equine therapy" Vol. 36 #18, page 23, EAGALA Model program beginning for Soldiers, Germany
4 May 2012: Camarillo Acorn, "Dismounting from Depression" by Stephanie Guzman
25 April 2012: WCCO CBS Minnesota "Lino Lakes Teacher Using 'Horse Powered Reading' - video & article on EAGALA to teach reading skills
19 April 2012: WXIX  Fox 19 Cincinnati "Think Pink Equine Therapy" - news video on EAGALA model Bay Star EquiCenter's program for breast cancer survivors, Ohio
27 February 2012: The Windsor Star "Work with horses helps veterans with PTSD" by Doug Schmidt on Country Sunset Stables; plus see PHOTOS from this article and VIDEO embedded in this article: Traumatized veterans find help elusive.

25 February 2012: The Guardian "Not just horsing around...psychologists put their faith in equine therapies" by Tracy McVeigh in the UK

25 February 2012: The Guardian "Horse therapy saved me from a very dark place: Tina Robertson, 43, who lives near Newcastle, had three sessions of equine-assisted therapy with an Eagala-trained team" by Tracy McVeigh in the UK

25 January 2012: Arizona Public Media "Web Feature: Where Wishes are Horses" on the Pascua Yaqui Reservation

12 January 2012: WXIX Fox 19 Cincinnati "Think Pink" Part 1; Part 2; Part 3 - 3 part news video series on EAGALA model Bay Star EquiCenter's program for breast cancer survivors, Ohio

January 2012: Alaska Airlines & Horizon Edition Magazines "Dream Teams" by Rob Lovitt on using EAGALA with corporate groups

28 December 2011: Killeen Daily Herald "Hooves that help" by Colleen Flaherty - working with military personnel

27 December 2011: U.S. News & World Report "The New Face of Pet Therapy" by Dennis Thompson

Winter 2011:  The Hearing Loss Californian "Welcome to the HEARD: Equine Assisted Psychotherapy" by Valerie Stern, LCSW, pages 5-6, of her experience as a hard of hearing person at an EAGALA training and her self-growth and learning through participating in an EAGALA experience with the horses

Fall 2011: Navy Medicine News "Alternative Therapy" by Tami Begasse, pp. 22-23

30 November 2011: WSLS-10 "Amherst facility uses equine therapy to help drug addicts" by Scott Marshall

19 November 2011: NBC Los Angeles "Heroes and Horses: An experiemental program uses horses to help returning combat vets deal with PTSD" by Mary Harris (video)

9 November 2011: Star Tribune "Equine-assisted learning plays a key role in team building and professional development programs at OnTrack for Life" by Todd Nelson

3 October 2011: Business Day "When the horse becomes the whisperer" by Penny Haw in South Africa

2 October 2011: Frederick News Post "Horse sense: Equine therapy delivered through interaction with animals" by Karen Gardner

17 September 2011:3 News New Zealand "Horse therapy aids youth offenders" by Ally Mullord

26 August 2011: The Progress "For Salamones, horses offered right therapy after 9/11" by Lori Russo

11 August 2011: Madison Eagle "Creating a Brightwood haven" by Marilyn Cox in Madison County, Virginia

15 July 2011: Psychiatric News "Horses Join Therapy Sessions With Violence-Prone Patients" by Leslie Sinclair - study showing reduction in violence in psychiatric patients, including better results with horses over dogs

July 2011: Clinical Psychiatry News "Horse Therapy Tied to Less Violence in Psych Hospital Patients" by Alexander Otto from the Annual Meeting of the American Psychiatric Association

17 June 2011: Nelson Mail "Horse healing proves a winner" by Alice Cowdrey in New Zealand

15 June 2011: Central Oahu News "Horses Are Helping Humans in Haleiwa" by Steve Murray

11 June 2011:  London Telegraph Magazine "Healing Hooves: Troubled children from South Africa's notorious townships are being treated with equine therapy" by Charlie Norton, photographs by Giulio Di Sturco  - Story on Montrose Equine Assisted Solutions

23 May 2011: Standard-Examiner  "Equine therapy program uses horses as healers in Plain City" by JaNae Francis

May 2011:  Savvy Times "Horses Helping Humans in Equine Assisted Practice" by Brenda Dammann - Parelli and EAGALA at Horse Sense of the Carolinas

April 2011: Association News "The Uncommon Outdoors: Meetings that Inspire: by Tasha Zemke

28 March 2011: Helena Independent Record "Horses supply feedback in demonstration of equine-assisted therapy" by Angela Brandt

23 March 2011: Bay of Plenty Times "Horses help children battle depression: by Michele McPherson in New Zealand

14 March 2011: The Davis Clipper "Therapeutic horses draw international crowd" by Louise R. Shaw - Coverage of EAGALA's 12th Annual Conference in Layton, Utah

12 March 2011: Deseret News "Equine therapists helping humans overcome challenges" by The Associated Press - Coverage of EAGALA's 12th Annual Conference in Layton, Utah

1 January 2011: Tulsa Equestrian Examiner "Horses may just be more helpful than you think: by Matthew Brendal

23 December 2010: Education News Colorado "Animal therapists provide solace, training" by Rebecca Jones

1 December 2010: The Horn "Horses helping heroes: Psychotherapists use equine therapy for veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder" by Nadia Macias

3 Novmeber 2010: Toronto Mental Health Examiner "Country Sunset Stables: An Icon in Equine Assisted Psychotherapy" by Corinne Frontiero

28 October 2010: Ventura County Reporter "When a horse is more than horse: New equine therapy program begins in Ojai for veterans" by Shane Cohn

26 October 2010: Bloomberg News "Horse-Assisted Therapy Can Rein in Problems, Aid Abused Steeds" by Mike Di Paola

7 June 2010: Minneapolis Horse Examiner "Equine psychotherapy, growth & learning -- raised eyebrows are lowering" by Shannon Bruce

Early Summer 2010:  Southern Seasons - "Helping with Horses: Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP)" by Dr. Laura Trask - General article about Equine Assisted Psychotherapy published in the largest lifestyle magazine in the Southeast U.S.

August 2009:  America's Horse - "Stone Fox Farms: A Healing Place" by MaryAnn Myers - How Quarter Horses are healing people at Stone Fox Farms in Ohio

April/May 2009:  Hallmark Magazine - "The Healing Horse" by Jack Chebatoris - How horses helped Kacey Cramer learn to control anorexia (eating disorders)

9 March 2008:  The New York Times - "Horse Therapy for the Troubled" by Bill Finley - Youth in residential treatment receiving horse therapy at Horsetime Inc. in New Jersey

Summer 2006:  Three Springs Paradigm - "Have you ever played checkers with a horse?" by Kristine Klopp, HBA and Brandy Davis, B.S. - Activities employed by EAGALA model programs, including Three Springs, Inc. Paint Rock Valley outdoor therapeutic program in Alabama.