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Thank you for your Request for more Information

Thank you for your interest in EAGALA and Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Equine Assisted Learning. Per your request, we have added you to our mailing list. We will send out emails to let you know when there are events coming up in your area. Our mailing list is protected for privacy and is not sold or shared per our Privacy Policy.

We hope you have had a chance to look through the EAGALA website where there is information on what is EAGALA and the EAGALA Model, what is EAP and EAL, and why horses!
Incorporating horses to help people emotionally, mentally, behaviorally, and spiritually continues to grow worldwide. Founded in 1999, EAGALA is a non-profit association and now has over 3,500 members in 40 countries. EAGALA provides resources, training, certification, and support for professionals interested in providing these services in Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Equine Assisted Learning. EAGALA has a reputation for high standards and requires a team of a qualified mental health professional working with a qualified equine specialist professional in every session.
Members in EAGALA receive a bi-annual magazine. This is sent hard copy as a glossy magazine, however you can view an online copy of the magazine by clicking here
Members also gain access to the online EAGALA Community which provides networking and resources to assist EAGALA professionals in building their programs and providing quality services.
EAGALA’s trainings for the certification program are held worldwide. The certification process starts by taking the 3-day Fundamentals of EAGALA Model Practice Part 1 training followed by the 3-day Part 2 training. A Professional Development Portfolio will also be required as part of the certification process. To find training dates and locations, go to Events on the website.   Trainings held in LatinoAmerica are generally held in Spanish. Translation may be available in other areas as well. 
At the foundation of our organization are our members.   EAGALA encourages collaboration and support amongst members and much of this is done through the EAGALA networking groups. To see if there is an EAGALA networking group in your area, click on Global on the website. You can also see if there is an EAGALA Model program in your area on the Find a Program section on the website.
EAGALA’s Annual Conferences are a great way to get introduced to the association and to this work. The Annual Conferences are for newcomers and seasoned professionals alike and provide a myriad of workshops of interest in this industry, such as working with specific populations, or how to build your EAP/EAL businesses. Annual Conferences are held in the U.S. and in Europe at this time. 
If you have any questions about EAGALA, EAP and EAL, membership and certification, please feel free to contact us!
All of us at EAGALA
The Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association
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Toll free: 877-858-4600 (in U.S. only)
Phone: 1-801-754-0400 (International)
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Skype: eagala993