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EAGALA EME News - August 2013


Wow time flies here we are with our 2nd edition of our newsletter already. We really hope that you enjoy this 2nd edition. Please do send me your feedback to and your news using EAGALA EME NEWS Article Submission Form.

Felicia, Jo-Anne and I had a discussion of what we mean by a good news story? We came up with questions rather than answers and hope this will support you to send in your news.

Maybe it could be about a special network meeting?
A horse? A new equine addition to your therapy team?
An insight? Your EAGALA journey the high & the lows?
Something important to you?
Something you want to discuss?
Maybe it can contain inspirational stories?
How we work in different countries in Europe?
How we fit the EAGALA model to our therapeutic model?
Have a boast about your program.

The deadline for the next edition, which will be sent out in December, is 18th of November. Please send your articles & events to

We have a very exciting time over the next two months with the first Advanced Training in the UK and the Europe Conference. The Advanced Training full and we have a great group of people attending. We will let you know how it went in our next newsletter.


Coral Harrison7th Europe Conference October 2-4 Leuven, Belgium

Don’t miss the early bird discount which ends on Sept 2nd at a cost of £363.82 or €425 book today! Please circulate the conference flyer to your networks People can choose to attend for the full conference or for 1 day for €175. We have a fantastic programme of workshops focusing on using EAGALA model with a range of issues including abuse, trauma, grief and loss, street children, and other topics such as our 'S, welfare of horses and supporting your business success as EAGALA Model practitioners.

The conference centre is located in the Park Inn in Leuven - they have given us a special rate for the hotel rooms. You can travel to Brussels from the UK on the Eurostar. I booked my return fare last week for £100. Information on logistics, agenda and registration

It is well worth attending and I hope to see you there. I may be running round in my various different roles so grab me as I fly past! Meeting up with new people & having the time to network is such an important part of the conference. I always go away with new friends & colleagues.

Warmest regards to you all Coral Harrison EAGALA EME Regional Coordinator


Jo-Anne KarlssonHi Members

I hope you’ve all had an interesting few months since our last newsletter. Since returning to the UK from Singapore I have been researching where and whether to begin my own equine assisted place and who to target. The Horses for Courses article in this newsletter is well worth a read for anyone in a similar position to me, as will be the research article from Germany when it is complete! In my quest I have also had the opportunity to speak with a few other like-minded professionals who have not yet heard of EAGALA. One gentleman in particular stands out based in Southern Spain, where he has set up with his wife a place of refuge for young children with autism. They are interested in expanding further afield and spreading their hooves to more than just young children but to adults who are to be integrated back into society. Two very different areas I am sure you agree, but with the magic and honesty of horses I am sure it is certainly a possibility. I, and I am sure our readers, look forward to reading more of your stories and hearing any advice.

All the best and see you at a workshop. Jo-Anne, Editor of EAGALA EME news


Hi from Sweden

I think a lot about how you guys out in the different countries are running your EAGALA businesses? How do you find customers and clients? How do you integrate your EAGALA work into the rest of what you do for a living? I am trying out different ideas. One way to reach out to the public and to promote the EAGALA model is by running workshops. I and my Danish collague Iben Bøgheholm Folkmann held a workshop in June on the theme Nature and Presence and we are doing it in October as well. You are welcome to join us!

Sunny and relaxed greetings :-) Felicia, Swedish coordinator and webmaster of EAGALA EME news


IsrealConference report from Israel

I had the opportunity to present at the “Second International Conference on Innovations in the Field of Animal-Assisted Therapeutic Interventions in Israel and Abroad,” held 6-8 May 2013. The Magid Institute’s School hosted the conference for Animal-Assisted Therapy at Hebrew University. EAGALA Certified and Lifetime member, Yoni Yehuda, heads this wonderful program.

The conference was held over three days: day 1 at the Hebrew University Mount Scopus campus in Jerusalem; day 2 in Tel Aviv with an amazing tour of a hospital using animal-assisted therapy (Shaare Zedek Medical Center); and day 3 an experiential day at Yoni’s Havayot Center, near Hebrew University. This provided for a very diverse experience due to changes in locations and the variety of people who attended from around the world. While my focus is horses, it was very interesting to learn about the therapeutic applications of many types of animals. I was especially impressed with how Yoni is using the many small animals in the hospital with the unique metaphoric applications they provided for kids and patients with different diseases and injuries.

Lynn Thomas and Orly BarakDuring day 1 I was able to do a classroom presentation on EAGALA. It was great afterwards having several Hebrew University students coming up and saying that while they did not know about horses as they were here with an interest in dogs, they now wanted to look into doing Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and learn more about EAGALA. The PowerPoint presentation used for this presentation is available on the EAGALA Community site via the Resources tab, then Business and Marketing Materials, and then Materials for EAGALA Model Presentations. The direct link, though you will need to login so please let me know if there are any problem, is: Members are welcome to use this PowerPoint and adjust it to meet their own needs for a presentation. For each of the slides regarding “Why horses” I used a case story illustrating the benefit of horses and how it works within an EAGALA Model session. If you have questions about it, you may contact me. Day 3, I presented with EAGALA Certified (and also an EAGALA Lifetime member!) co-facilitator Tali Cohen doing a demonstration in the arena with horses, which went great.

Yoni YehudaOverall, the conference was very successful and a big congratulations to Yoni and his team for all the hard work in leading this educational event and to bring awareness of the power of horses and all animals for therapy. It was also a great time seeing many EAGALA members there. It was my first trip to Israel and a big thank you to Orly Barak, Orna Raiter and Ruth Scharia, along with Yoni and Tali, for their super hospitality in taking me around Israel. It was a dream of mine to get to Israel, and I loved my time there!

To follow-up with this event, EAGALA is having Part 1 and Part 2 trainings in Sde Abraham, Israel, which is by the border of the Gaza Strip. This area has had its share of trauma and we look forward to helping more professionals learn the EAGALA Model to help heal individuals, families and communities. Part 1 will be Nov. 13-15, and Part 2 Nov. 18-20. A special introductory event at the Havayot Center in Jerusalem, focusing on using EAGALA for trauma will be held on Nov 11; a great way to introduce mental health professionals to EAGALA before the trainings. Annie Tidmarsh and myself will be doing the trainings, so I look forward to seeing EAGALA members in Israel again, and if any other EME members can make it- it will be great to have you there!

Lynn Thomas
Founder & Executive Director, EAGALA


Blue CrossAdopting a pony from The Blue Cross

I had wanted to add another small pony to my herd and had been advertising for several months. I was looking for a mare with no particular other criteria, although I do like unusual colours. I had no response to my advert other than breeders with expensive miniature ponies to sell.

I then thought about the Blue Cross and saw on their website that they have a supported loan scheme for companion animals and this meant that they paid for vaccinations, annual dental and health checks.
I applied for a Shetland pony and completed their on line application form. Within 24 hours their re-homing team contacted me and discussed my requirements, facilities experience and so on. It seems I had applied for a pony in Oxfordshire, though my nearest centre was Rolleston Derbyshire. That being the case Rolleston contacted me the next day stating they had an appaloosa yearling filly just waiting for me called Hope. I was sent a photo - how adorable is this new babe!!!

I paid £35 for the home check, which was carried out by Rebecca a part time welfare officer from Huddersfield, a few days later. Everything went well and I passed. I asked if it was essential that I travelled to see the pony as due to work ad other commitments I was short on time but it was agreed that they would deliver to me on payment of admin fee and transport of £188. On 12th July within 3 weeks of my application Hope arrived. Two girls in a trailer brought her who were polite, caring, helpful and efficient; and provided me with a folder and copies of Hope's loan agreement and weight, wormer and vaccination chart.

Please anyone who is looking for a pony to enhance their horse team I cannot recommend the Blue Cross highly enough.

Just look at this lady!

Pauline Lupton, Halter, UK


Training in SpainReport from Spain

Three years ago I began the journey of EAGALA training and the discovery and the power a horse has by just being itself. Now here we are 2013, three EAGALA trainings later I am the EAGALA Network Work Group Co-ordinator for Spain and still learning from horses on a daily basis.

My goal as Spain’s NWGC is to keep EAGALA moving forward here and to provide support to members. There are 37 EAGALA members in Spain. I believe that now is the time to start increasing EAGALA awareness through open days, small conferences, networking, and above all practicing EAGALA model sessions and sharing my passion for this approach. As coordinator I have attended meetings presenting the EAGALA model and doing demonstrations. I am always looking for new ideas to develop this model. I have a concern that there are individuals who are using the EAGALA model prior to being appropriately EAGALA certified. I would like to see this change in Spain.

Training in Spain 2I am interested in running an open day in Madrid, as I believe that Madrid provides an opportunity to promote the EAGALA model due to its extensive range of equine facilities and large population. An open day will help to raise awareness of EAGALA and the benefits it provides, with the added bonus of attracting new members.

I would like to introduce to you Equine Powering Management, a company based in Barcelona, Spain offering EAGALA Model EAL for training programs, coaching, business development and private sessions for children. On the team we have a nuclear engineer who has opened many corporate doors into the engineering world. Having our Head Quarters in a venue such as the Open Sports Club, which offers sporting and restaurant facilities, increases the attraction for our clients in spending time with us.

Further afield in Spain members Raquel Resines are working with CEL coaching y Liderazgo in Ávila (Castilla y Leon) focusing on personal development for women. Sole Lenassi with Hípica Canaria in Gran Canaria (Canary Islands) is also developing EAGALA model work and focusing on personal development. Luis Garcia and Chelo Martinez are working in CITA at a detoxification clinic, demonstrating excellent results with their patients; rather exciting as this is one of the leading addiction treatment clinics in Spain. They use EAGALA Model EAP in their daily work.

So far this has been my experience with EAGALA of which I am happy to share with everybody who may be interested to hear more about what is going on amongst its Spanish members. More info or email

Eva Terceno, Spain


LabyrinthLABYRINTH Exercise:

EQUIPMENT:- 18 Poles

BACKGROUND:- Labyrinths, used for thousands of years, create a powerful meditative tool providing an opportunity to slow down, take time to reflect and find an inner peace. Thought to enhance right brain activity Labyrinths offer personal, psychological and spiritual transformation. Within the United States the Labyrinth is a popular activity, re-creating an environment that allows the individual and horse(s) to walk together on his or her journey. The activity below is designed for individuals to choose a horse and then lead them on the journey through the Labyrinth stopping in the centre, taking time for reflection and then leading the horse back out of the Labyrinth.


The individual’s intent is chosen, for example spiritual, mindful, creative, playful, or problem solving; then at the entrance of the Labyrinth the individuals hand is placed on the horses body and intent stated clearly to either his or herself or the environment.

Being mindful of his or her breathing and the rhythm of his or her pace the individual and horse walk together to the centre where both pause, the individual returns his or her hand to the horse, his or her intent re-stated and then time given for reflection. When the individual is ready he or she, along with the horse, leave the Labyrinth with any insights received.

Each individual is offered the opportunity to share what his or her intent was and what insights, if any, had been gained. The Labyrinth Society has developed a Questionnaire as part of their ongoing research asking participants the following:
Comparing how I felt before I walked the labyrinth with how I feel now, after walking the labyrinth, I feel:
1. Relaxed 2. Anxious 3. Clear
4. Peaceful 5. Centred 6. Stressed
7. Open 8. Quiet 9. Agitated
10. Reflective

Participants are asked to circle which words describe their experience and rate them from 5 to 0 based on the following criteria:-
Much More (5) More(4) About the Same(3) Less(2) Much Less(1) Not Applicable(0)

If there are other words that could describe the labyrinth experience today that have not been included above, please add them and rate them in the same way you did the pre- printed items.
Rate the following conditions as they affected you during your labyrinth walk. (Circle the number that best describes your response.)
1. Overall Environment
2. Other*
* - You provide the condition.

Whitewater Mesa Labyrinths – TROT -
Horse Sense of the Carolinas (Shannon Knapp) -

Shared by Claire Mission, Mirror Me, UK


News from Germany

Germany has been busy with its first training, a Part II in German. What a complete success! Thanks to other members providing translations for its three English-speaking participants, the training was intensely experienced by all. Hopefully we will be able to continue to offer the trainings in our native tongue – but obviously need enough interest to be able to do so! 

We have had one network meeting – consisting of three consecutive days with international attendance. Starting point was a meeting at a University in Denmark to start an international clinical study on the effectiveness of EAP with PTSD clients – a meeting that was attended by members from the UK, Denmark and Germany. Over several team-building sessions with study participants and EAGALA members facilitating we hoped that any, preferably all, differences could be explored with the horses. It was a complete success and once we get the study going we will be updating you all on our progress.

Due to time restraints I have decided to resign from my role as network group coordinator for Germany. Christine Schüler, an existing certified EAGALA member and active participant in all activities and trainings that I have attended since my move to Germany, has stepped up to support me – in agreement with Mickey, we have decided that Christine will take over the NWGC position at the Europe conference in Belgium.

We will hopefully see you all at the conference! I will be presenting on the work I have been doing with the military and PTSD population and will gladly take the time to meet you all in person!

V/r Ilka Parent


Focus on Funding

Anyone looking for help to finance projects will appreciate what a minefield it can be. The saying “It’s not what you know but who you know” is so true. You will be surprised at the connections you have through work colleagues, constitution members, friends and relatives without actually realising it.

Phase 1Putting together an application can be time consuming, letters of support or testimonials can be very useful; if you have support from your County councilors, even better. Initially your project maybe stipulated as new, which may result in day to day running costs as a no go area, if you can prove with evidence and statistics why your project is viable you maybe just one of the lucky few that has a successful application.

It is very difficult to give numbers of how many people will benefit from your project, particularly if you are starting up. From experience geographical areas play a part, as it is not only the local community that may require your service. Outcomes of your project sometimes require a pilot study whereby evaluation forms are used, with before and after results used to gain further funding.

Where to look –
Search ‘Funding’ on the internet; get in touch with county councils and voluntary action sectors, there are monies available though unfortunately charities and not for profit organisations are put off by what seems the complexity of forms. Take a look and talk to others that have been successful, information days or open days are useful; gain free advertising through your local magazine or parish newsletter. People are willing to help and support good causes and some can offer sound advice and help you put a successful application together.

Phase 2Recently Horses for Causes in Leicestershire applied for a grant; planning permission had been obtained for the footings and a new build of two stables plus the replacement of two dilapidated stables. The work has been carried out over the course of a year. The first two stables were donated by a youth offenders centre (Phase 1), the work on a further two stables has yet to start (Phase 2) Unfortunately for Horses for Causes there are no lovely block work paving driveway or undercover ménages, when weather is bad sessions are cancelled, the use of a large stable (Phase 3 to convert into a classroom environment) would enable sessions to continue inside. Hence the need to replace two shed like stables.

There has been huge support from service users, councillors and the many visitors to Soar Valley Western Stables, creating a snowballing effect to what has been a fairly small local project.

Whatever you are asking for, have sound background information, a good description of your activities and a good idea about what will happen as a result of the project, Good Luck.

Horses for Causes
Sharon Wood


Training in Galway, IrelandIRELAND – Part 1 training, networking and upcoming Part II

This summer has been an active time for EAGALA in Ireland.

There was an extremely well attended Part I training in Galway equestrian in June, with a nice mix of newcomers and returnees. As usual Frances who probably served record amounts of tea and coffee during the breaks and provided wonderful lunches, keeping everyone comfortable in the changeable weather, looked after us. Trainers Annie and Kristel had their hands full with such a large group and some noisy wind and rain; but we huddled together to hear what was being said till the weather cleared bringing the sun back to the training.

One month after the training the Irish Networking Group had a meeting, kindly hosted by Cherry Orchard Equine and Learning Centre in Ballyfermot. Again this meeting was well attended with members from all parts of the country travelling to Dublin. Much was discussed and learned, creating a firm base for further meetings. The next meeting will take place after the Part II training, dates and locations to be discussed at the training.

Finally, there is a Part II training scheduled for the 12th to the 14th of September. The training will take place in Bolgerstown House in Wexford, see the events page on the main EAGALA site for further details.


Interesting article
Interesting article on the benefits of grooming which you may have seen as a post on the EAGALA EME Facebook site


Good News from UK

Heather Hardy an EAGALA member was successfully elected as a trustee for the British Horse Society. She attended Coral’s Networking Group on 24th Aug and has already raised Equine Assisted Learning with the BHS. The CEO of the BHS was very interested in EAL and keen to look at this in the future, but she did make it very clear that the BHS modernisation agenda was the priority at the moment. Heather still intends to set up a working party in 2014, hopefully with the BHS backing and Heather will let us know about progress.

The British Horse Society is the UK's largest and most influential equestrian charity. Together with British Riding Clubs, they have over 111,000 members.


Members Events

Date & Timings of Event: “Love and Letting Go”, 19 October 2013 in German, 20 October 2013 in English
Area & Country event taking place: Waldhof Wartenberg, 67681 Wartenberg Rohrbach
Organisations Name: Minds-n-Motion
Website for more information: (under workshops)
Contact Name for more details: Ilka Parent
Contact Email:
Contact Telephone Number: +49 171 4173971

Short Description:
We live in a time of change, and are faced with many transformations. From relationships to breaking up, to children leaving homes, changes in the workplace or life in general: to be able to “love and let go”, it is pertinent to accept ourselves how we are. Our workshop aims to help you explore and accept yourself in the here and now.

EAGALA UK Networking Groups Weekend 14th &15th Sept – we have 4 groups running over this weekend so it will be an abundance of EAGALA networking opportunities for members. So please support these meetings by attending! Three of these are open meetings so non-members can attend.

14th Sept Midlands at Stonnall, near Birmingham contact Coral Harrison
14th Sept NW England at Airevalley, Rawdon, Yorkshire contact Pauline Lupton
15th Sept London Thorn Fields, Arnolds Lane, Sutton On Hone, DA4 9HE contact Tina Short
15th Sept Scotland Thornton Farm Livery, Rosewell, Midlothian contact Emma Anderson

EAGALA Sweden Networking meetings and demonstrations during the atumn

29th September, 27th October and 24th November 11.00-15.00 in Torna Hällestad, near Malmö and Lund, contact Felicia Lundgren

Remember to send us your feedback, articles & events to using the attached submission forms.

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